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Sometimes life has unexpected situations where your own money and savings are not enough to pay for all your expenses. Higher than expected veterinary fees, dental repairs, or car breakdown can suddenly confuse your household. When you need a loan, the online options help you find it quickly and safely. You can visit this page today and come up with the perfect choices there. You can visit this page today for the best loan options now.

You Should Not Borrow Money From Anyone

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A variety of entrepreneurs have appeared on the loan market in recent years. is a trusted loan comparison service partner whose partners are well-known and financially reliable lenders. Each is approved by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority. Using our service is free for you, as we receive our fees from banks. The quality and reliability of our operations is also illustrated by the right to use the key ticket code. The products and services marked with the key flag are designed specifically for Finns.

On these pages, we want to give you information on different types of loans and open the loan application process to find the loan that suits you best.

Borrow Without Collateral

Many people in need of a loan wonder if they dare to ask their loved ones for a loan. There is no need to think about it anymore because not all loans require collateral or guarantors. Alongside a traditional bank loan, there is an unsecured loan that is most often applied for online. These loans are provided by dozens of banks and financial institutions in Finland. An unsecured loan is also known as consumer credit.

What Is Consumer Credit?

Consumer credit is a loan from a bank or financial company that can be obtained without collateral or guarantors. It can be applied for from EUR 2,000 up to EUR 60,000, with a term of one year to fifteen years.

Consumer credit is particularly well suited to situations where there is an acute need for money. You do not have to queue at the bank to get a loan, but you can apply online easily. Also, the decision to grant a loan usually comes in an instant. At best, the money is in your account the same day.

In consumer credit, the actual cost of a loan is determined by the interest rates and charges on the loan, such as credit opening and account management fees. Interest rates offered by different banks and financial institutions can vary greatly and you may not find the best loan offer from your bank. That is why when it comes to taking out a consumer loan, it is always wise to put your loan first. Here are some different types of consumer credit for different purposes.

Payday Loans

Instant Leverage is a smaller unsecured loan of about EUR 100 – 2000, which provides quick help for unexpected cash needs. However, on the longer side, an instant loan is an expensive loan that should be paid off as soon as possible. If there are more quickdraws, you may want to combine them into one larger loan.

Flexible Credit

It is an unsecured loan that can be withdrawn at once or in smaller installments if you wish. Like a credit card, a borrower is granted a credit line within which money is available. Interest is paid only on the amount withdrawn, not on the total amount of credit granted.