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Biometric devices are no longer the domain of science fiction movies. They are becoming more common and widely used, as exemplified by passports or telephones that unlock a fingerprint. The question is only when and how will they change the lives of drivers? You can make use of the same with the Office equipment relocation services.

Let’s start from the beginning, and at the beginning, biometrics was a field of .mathematics, and it simply measured living organisms and studied their variability. With the development of technology, biometrics has also become a term for automatic human recognition techniques based on their unique features such as the iris of the eye and fingerprints. Interestingly, work is underway to identify a person also on the basis of his behavior, for example, walking or typing on a computer keyboard.

As you well know, biometrics is already widely used in our lives. We mentioned in the introduction about biometric passports and new smartphones with fingerprint readers. Thanks to them, we unlock phones or individual applications. Air check-in based on face recognition systems in the USA, Australia or iris Great Britain has also been implemented worldwide.

Office equipment relocation services.

For motorization and drivers, biometrics also begins to be of great importance.

Already today, every third new car is equipped with at least one biometric device, and according to forecasts, it is the automotive industry that awaits the most dynamic development in this field. The human-machine connection will eventually gain a tangible dimension.

So let’s move to a state-of-the-art vehicle. You don’t need the keys to get inside or start the engine all you need is a face or iris scan, which you will always have with you. Biometric readers analyze your gestures and facial expressions, assess your well-being, and issue appropriate warnings. Special glasses that watch your eyeballs will alert you when you are too sleepy to drive safely. Readers built into the steering wheel will make sure that your blood alcohol concentration is within acceptable limits, and if it doesn’t, they won’t let you start the engine.

Sounds tempting? In many respects definitely

Such automation development, however, also raises legitimate concerns. Don’t we give too much field to machines that become smarter than humans? Do we incidentally take responsibility away from the driver? Finally what about the security of such sensitive data analyzed by readers? The biometric revolution is coming and we let us be open to her benefits and watch out for any traps. Biometry is a technique for recognizing and identifying living organisms, which is based on both measurable physical and behavioral human characteristics, which include, among others, fingerprint characteristics, face shapes, hand shapes, iris of the eye, handwriting, how to strike in keys, speech and even the vein system of the finger, hand or wrist. Biometrics can thus be used to prevent unauthorized attempts to access ATMs, personal computers, cell phones, alarm systems, etc.

As a professional provider of biometric solutions, we have many years of experience in the field of highly advanced access control systems, work time registration and integration of these systems with security systems available on the market.

Our priority is to provide the highest quality security systems fully tailored to your needs. In our solutions, we use innovative and highly advanced technologies based on recognition of fingerprints, hand and face geometry, as well as the most advanced iris recognition technology.

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