Virtual Travel Meeting with some Learning Challenges

Online Amazing Race Singapore

Traveling to distant lands and some exotic places are favorite hobbies for most of the people. Some people cannot enjoy the long travel due to certain health issues and some may be due to busy schedules. These kinds of people will have a longing for distant travel and their dream and wish seems to be very unfair. Thus, to help these kinds of persons and the other people virtual amazing race has been developed. This virtual race will be more interesting to travel from our own home. This Online Amazing Race Singapore has satisfied more people and has got huge fame among the people with its new idea.

Online Amazing Race Singapore

Limited Number of Participants:

The people can enjoy the travel with more participants the people who wish to travel can register through the making teams. This making teams will help all the people to register for the virtual travel. There are some restrictions on the member of the participants the number of members must be only 50 and not more than that. The travel will be only possible if there are members more than 5. In case if there are fewer members than 5 then one should check the pricing table and get the details of the amount.

The members can be easily registered with the help of the making teams. They will arrange all the things related to virtual travel, including the registration process. One should be very careful in giving the mail address, as the mail address will be used to pass information regarding the schedule of the virtual meeting. The making teams will send the mail to all the participants and it is just like an invitation for the virtual travel. The virtual travel guidelines will be attached to the mail which has to be read carefully by the participants before joining the virtual meeting. The mail will also have a direct link for participating in the meeting.

One can join the meeting through the proper download of the Zoom Meeting or the Google Earth, as per the guidelines of the making teams. There will be many challenges involved in this travel. Each and every challenge must be solved by the team members together for reaching the next destination. The team members should act suddenly and finish the mentioned challenge within the given timing. There will be also some puzzles related to some art and cultures of the lands in which the virtual meeting is scheduled.

Beautiful Learning Experience:

The people must be very concerned about finishing the learning challenges, there will be new learning to all the participants. The learning will be made easier through a local craftsman or artisan who will travel in the same meeting itself. These meetings will not only help you to travel to some distant and secret places but help you to learn some beautiful things. Thus, this virtual travel will be more interesting and more fun along with numerous participants. This experience should be enjoyed by all the people for fulfilling their dreams of some distant travel to faraway countries.