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Network Cable Types and Specifications

Information and communication technology is shortly known as ICT. There are many different types of ICT products are available in the market. They designed to acts like a cable or medium that sends the network from one corner to another corner. For the network infrastructure, these cables are work as the backbone. These are off with the size, topology, procedure, etc. There are different types of network cable and working methodology. These are the vital aspect of networks in different industries. Here, some of the Network Cable Types and Specifications  are explained briefly.

Type of network cable and ICT products:

Network Cable Types and Specifications

The network cable is the major usable cable in all the industrial functions and these are of different types and with different ranges. The most common network cable is Ethernet network cables they are made up of two types of strong copper wire and it is of many coats. Because copper is a connector of electricity and signals. They have many kinds and each has a different capacity and with the help of the specifications, we can make use of those network signals. They are especially of many types and those are

  • Cat 5
  • Cat 5e
  • Cat 6
  • Cat 6a
  • Cat 7

They can adopt different interfaces to connect the ranges and thus improvise the range which holds them. They have the speed ranges from minimum to maximum and even these types have subdivisions and those have many ranges of data to transmit to each other. These help for the voices also, by making a clear decibel range and without having the cross talk. Each division helps in different forms and different areas of networking, they cannot able to match in the other region which leads to the unfit or improper results after the whole connections had under through.

1 Inductors- these are used for the production of the industrial supplementary They are come by many types. Some of them are mentioned below,

  • Sealed type
  • Couple type
  • Mold type
  • Highly current power inductor

2 RF inductors- these are another type of the inductor that has the high supply power and the source of the induction is mainly from the board of centers. They are of two types. They are,

  • Ceramic inductors
  • Ferrite inductors

3 Transformers- the transformers are the main portion of the ICT industries they get the supply without fluctuations by these transformers. Their types are,

  • Pfc choke
  • SI- steel transformers
  • Line filters
  • DC converter
  • Planar transformers

4 Networking- the range of signals where we get and pass-through is by the networking and connectivity of the networking are of three major types they are

  • RJ-45 integrated connector module
  • Chip LAN transformer
  • Wire-mold common choke

Some of the other ICT products are mentioned and they are highly preferable in the industrial purpose.

  • EMI filter
  • Solenoids
  • Current sensing resistor
  • Power modules
  • Etc

So, this note helps you to understand about the ranges and its signals and networking models and specifications with this you can make use of this while connecting the ranges.

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