History and specifications of a computer


The computer is the network system that was invented by a scientist Edmund Gunter and it was introduced by Charles Babbage. It was invented to solve the complicated things and it possesses capability doing things in the limited or in a short time. The computer is a software system that works with the help of power sources. The brain of the computer is called CPU which is known as the central processing unit. Without the central processing unit, the computer system does not work or it does not possess any function.


Types of computers in the early stages:

  • Macro computer.
  • Mainframe computer.

These are the four types of computer which was in the early stages. At that time these are the computer which is rarer and the computer have some specialties which are according to the Software computer which is installed in it.

  • Micro or Command computer: it is the computer which has the processing equipment in high range and these computers which cover the small area with the more shortcuts and more specifications in it.
  • Minicomputer: the title itself says that the computer is small in size and it does not require more space to keep it. In this, some types were being carried out by human beings wherever they go. This is the computer which is smaller in size and its function are high and working capacity is more than the macro computer. It is also looking like a micro-computer but when compared to it mini-computer is best in working terms and conditions.
  • Supercomputer: it is the computer that is larger in size and the computer screen and the central processing unit which requires room to keep it. The processing speed is also high and it is used by the persons who were economically higher position because it needs more space and more expensive.
  • Mainframe computer: these are the computers which look like a big iron box or it seems like to be the burro. It is the computer they were used in the high processing fields such as if they were calculating the total population which is called census calculation and in the big multi-national software companies and other types of companies which is in worldwide. These computers were used for transaction fields which in big banks and more richest persons who have accounts in some of their banks. Such as swizz bank and Bank of Baroda.  these are the most famous banks in these banks they use this type of computer for making the transaction in bulk amount.

Advantages of computer:

  • Computers were used for solving the more technical problems and able to find the solution easily and it receives the command and able to answer in the minute or a second.
  • By the use of computers, they can able to calculate easily and they can able to take the census easily to calculate the total population easily.
  • It can able to store the things for more years and it is not able to delete or erase it by using the advanced software and system technology is more advanced.

These are the advantages of computers in short and precise information about the systems.

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