Greater Choices for the Perfect Electrical Connection Selection

Power to Choose

Competitive bidding and switching of electricity supplier is free of charge if you change supplier for the first time or at least one year has passed since the last change of supplier. If you change your dealer more than once a year, your local distribution company may charge you a fee for reading your electricity meter due to a change of seller. With the Power to Choose for the same, there are certain options for the same now.

Can I compete for electricity transmission?

It is not possible to compete in the transmission of electricity. Transmission of electricity is always purchased from a local distribution company.

Can I buy my electricity from anyone I want?

You can buy electricity from any electricity retailer that offers their products to your destination. All electricity sellers in this country participate in the service, but some electricity sellers only offer their electrical products to a limited area.

Is it difficult to bid?

It is easy to bid on online site. With one sitting, you can complete your competitive bidding process and confirm your order for your new electricity contract.

What information do I need to bid?

Bidding is easiest when the latest electricity bill is available. You can also compete without your electricity bill once you know the address of the item, and you can roughly estimate your annual consumption.

Where can I find the best electrical product for myself?

Power to Choose

In the online service you can use other criteria besides price. Make the choices you want on the service to get the best deals.

Can I compete without the old electricity bill?

You can also bid for your electricity contract without an electricity bill by knowing the address of the site and estimating your annual consumption.

Do I need to know the mileage in competitive bidding?

No mileage is required for competitive bidding. The meter will be read by the distribution company when changing dealers.

Does Remote Reading Affect Competitiveness?

Regardless of whether you have an auto-read electricity meter or whether your meter is still being read manually, you can compete for your electricity contract.

If you have a remotely read electricity meter, any electrical product on offer is right for you. A remote-read meter measures electricity consumption for each hour separately. In old meters, the electricity consumption was accumulated in one or two meters. In this case, for example, measuring night electricity required a meter with two counters. One accumulated daytime more expensive energy and the other accumulated nighttime less expensive energy in kilowatt hours kWh.

What are the things that affect electricity consumption?

Electricity consumption is most affected by the way your apartment is heated. If the apartment has electric heating, its share of electricity use is significant. Other consumption is mainly due to the use of household appliances, small appliances and lighting.

How can I track my electricity consumption?

You can monitor your electricity consumption by looking at your electricity bills. In addition, many electricity companies offer a service on their website that allows them to monitor daily or hourly electricity consumption. You can also often borrow an electricity meter to plug in between the wall outlet and the plug from your local power company. The device can be used to measure the electricity consumption of individual electrical appliances.

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