Who is your guardian angel?


Guardian angel is another form of a mother who always wants to care about her child and give good deeds to her child as much as possible. She was created with lite hearted, mercy, and kindness. She never punishes anyone either they trust her or not. She gives pardon for what they do and takes them to the good things. We can find our guardian angel by finding the day or week we born. A few spiritual humans used to put their guardian angel on their hands as a tattoo. Once you decide to put the tattoo you probably need to find who is your angel each person assigned by an angel separately. You can check this link https://www.angelsnames.xyz/ to find more about your guardian angel. In this, we will see how to find our angel.


Finding our guardian angel:

For each day a separate guardian angel is there to help you. It is not mean that every day the angel changes her child, it depends completely on which day we born, and by using that day calculation that angel comes and helps us start from our birth. The angels by day wise are

  • Monday – St. Gabriel
  • Tuesday- St. Raphael
  • Wednesday- St. Uriel
  • Thursday – St. Sealtiel
  • Friday- St. Jhudiel
  • Saturday- St. Barachiel
  • Sunday – St. Micheal

By the day-wise, the people characters get vary. Monday angel St. Gabriel is the one who closes the whole world and told Mary who is the mother of Jesus who is the God of Christianity. Tuesday angel St. Raphael, the name represents that good-hearted with wealth. This angel helps us from all the danger through the power of light and he can easily move to heaven to the world to spread kindness and humanity. Wednesday angel St. Uriel represents the divines among people he finds the evil and good in us with transparency. Thursday angel St. Sealtiel spreads love everywhere but these angel’s some child will depend on drugs but with a loving heart. Friday angel St. Jhudiel represents mercy and forgiveness the compassion means that god’s love. Saturday angel St. Barachiel is the adopted child of God and they have all the prosperity and goodness in life. Sunday angel St. Micheal is the chief of all the angels and he is slightly not all about god he trusts in miracle and true love.

Apart from these angels, there are many other supporting and good time angels are surrounded by us. When the perfect needs come they will support us with open arms but we cannot see them as in person. They choose by the deeds that we did in the past. For example, there are a lot of small little dogs on the road which one do you choose? If you want to take one only from that the cute one is not your wish, it all about the dog’s fate which had already written by god. Like the angel choose the child with the god’s words. But all angels are there to help us and to protect us with her kindness.