escape games

Break Games Canada is North America’s head move away from delight office.

  • We invest critical energy in precisely advanced, totally instinctive gaming experiences. As opposed to various workplaces, our seven striking missions never diminish players to pursue things, rather they base on exceptional and escape games parts.
  • Escape Games Canada plans and produces each puzzle and set piece close by our select associates, so we can guarantee a special and novel gaming experience.

Players have an hour to comprehend their way through significant circumstances using their brains, astute, and astuteness. Do you have the stuff to move away?

Gathering Building Adventures

We give a fun, testing, and safe experience. Our office has the extent of effective missions for your social event to play.

Why pick Escape Games?

escape games

The best in distinctive redirection

Break Games Canada is one of the world’s greatest reality redirection workplaces, boasting just about 10,000 square feet of recreational space for you and your gathering to appreciate.

  • We profoundly regard creating the clearest and sensible missions which will challenge your gathering’s fundamental thinking, basic reasoning, participation, and social capacities.
  • We hope to make your experience as imperative as possible by utilizing our characteristics in-game speculation, planning, and set arrangement.
  • We guarantee phenomenal help and an experience like no other.

Industry Leaders

  • Interactive, film set like plans worked by industry specialists and draftsmen.
  • 3000+ corporate capacities encouraged since 2014
  • A committed staff of game makers.
  • We’ve made and made takeoff games for workplaces wherever in the world.


  • Additional players can be added for $22/individual (LITE pack), or $40/singular (PLAY group).
  • Max limit: 40 people.
  • All packs fuse specific private usage, in light of everything.
  • Food may not be given food to LITE PACKAGE. Sympathetically note that we don’t allow outside refreshments in the workplace.
  • A $50 cleaning cost may apply if food is considered the workplace.
  • Prices exhibited do reject suitable charges.
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Likewise, more altogether, find what they were looking for.

While the world misgivings its end, you expect the risk to find the fix. Cryptic discovering shows that particular records that were regrettably canvassed in the year 2000 have a notification of the COVID-19 contamination that apprehensions the current reality. Unraveling this mystery will take you closer to the inoculation that can save humankind. Okay, have the option to end this pandemic?

  • In the game, 2 or 4 players bunch up and have an hour to find an exit from the pyramid of Nebka. Players will continue with a staggering encounter. An encounter that would be nonsensically risky or just hard to live, in reality.