What happens if the name does not fit the character in the story?

firbolg names

Both in our real life and also in cartoon filming name takes an important role, without an identification gesture we cannot able to communicate with any other person. In real life having a name for a person is a normal thing and it is much mandatory thing that happens naturally by the parents. But while narrating a story else the narrator or the storyteller should be more careful in choosing the name for the characters. In most cases, the name places actual logistics as well as characterization.

It’s the name that the main characteristics parents would realistically name them if the parent’s character in the story and it doesn’t seem to be fitted with the parents at all type of readers. Normally when the person used to read the story after publishing it, the story can be able to understand by him within his first read. In this article let us have a discussion about the actual structure to choose a name for the character and how firbolg names  help the audience.

Time is one of the most important things to be noted while choosing a name for a character because in recent days we can find some of the modern names, but in ancient days there is no more modern type name. And most of the children would not like to have non-fashionable names with them. In that case time and years are calculated to find the proper fitting name. For example, if the hero is introduced from his childhood days then his parents would also have a role to explain the hero’s activity. So finally there should be some relation to connecting all of these situations.

Normally names need not have Matic importance in a story but we cannot make sure of it, because sometimes they are certainly can only if the writer accepts for it. Usually, if a filmmaker thinks about his story he must think about the title of his film. Without a title for his movie, he cannot able to release the movie among the audience, at that the title card must have some relation to the story, here the title card doesn’t need to be the hero’s name. But anyhow in some movies, the title card would be the same as Hero’s name.

firbolg names

Some of the narrators have been thinking that the names can have a huge effect on a story tone when they have a lot of different names and that different names are used to relate the kind of very simple one syllable. In the case of the characters are all named after inanimate objects that aren’t normal or if they all hold little harder and strange names.

Each word that is used to form a name are creating a separate atmosphere and the same names are the most important thing for the movement of the story. Depends on the narrator the name can hold different patterns with it, how usual the name should move the story is to be focussed on the story narrator or director. So these are the important things to be understood before selecting a name for your characters which plays an important role in your story.