Things Every Bachelor Should Know About this Party

stag parties

It is a kind of social gathering that is designed only for men. It is an outing for men who are going to get married and throws a bachelor party to his male friends, often organized at night before marriage that includes obscene performances or movies or some jokes to have fun together and indulge in pleasure at the same time. Do you want to know more about these stag parties ? Then stay on our page to know how to organize this party on your brother’s marriage or on any other occasion. It was initially started in US for the guys who was getting married to express his ‘last night of freedom’, which includes several activities where the males dress up in different outlandish costumes to celebrate the occasion with or without drinks and some sort of games and slowly spread to other parts of the world as well. Whereas this bachelor party if thrown for women is known as hen party in the UK.

stag parties

Things Every Bachelor Should Know About this Party:

  1. This bachelor party term was first heard in the year of 1922 when it was read in a Scottish journal which referred to “a jolly old party”. It has been more than 3,500 years back such kind of parties started by bachelors in different parts of Asia which came to be known as “buck parties” in Australia, stag in UK, Canada and Ireland with same traditions.
  2. This kind of parties were modest and brief affairs until the end of World War II that involved formal dinners and toasts to the couple to be. But today they have changed a lot and come a long way which are celebrated whole weekends or even longer depending on the subject to availability of groom.
  3. The widely common form of bachelor parties is having drinks, wearing some awkward costumes, viewing some adult movies, listening to some obscene jokes, hiring cruises for bar hopping on party boats, sexual escapades etc.
  4. Few love to visit party-friendly venues in other countries and organize their trips by the entire entourage to visit the most popular places such as Las Vegas or Cabo San Lucas once in their life before their marriage happened.
  5. Since then there has been a growing movement which left behind these stereotypical types of bachelor parties and many grooms came forward with wholesome activities in their bachelor parties which included even the (gasp!) non-sexual educational experiences.


Hope you got the answer to the above-asked question, “What do you mean by a stag party?” completely depends on the groom who is getting married and throws this party night before the marriage to celebrate as being a single going to be a couple. The party theme is completely up to the groom and he has all rights to choose a traditional bachelor party, that are organized with plenty of alcohol and/or drugs, involve in hazing and debauched sex as well as visits to exotic venues such as Las Vegas or Cabo San Lucas which are world-famous to conduct bachelor party and other friendly attitudes. With an increase in such activity that is growing year by year, it may involve of the above-mentioned elements or may not be the case.