It is important to remember that removing an asbestos floor is an operation that must be carried out exclusively by a specialized company authorized to treat and clean up asbestos. Don’t let any firm do it, because in addition to the penalties you risk a lot of your health and the health of the workers

Ceiling panels

To make a false ceiling for a period of time, compressed panels were used which had asbestos inside for fire protection and insulation. These ceiling tiles of a false ceiling, if they are intact, do not generate problems, but even simple damage is dangerous. The wear and tear of time and small processing can make these plates dangerous to health even if the percentage of asbestos was generally low. Visit for the best result.

Fire plates for the building industry

As we have seen, one of the properties of asbestos is high resistance to kelp. For this reason, light plates were used in the building for fire protection and fire protection. Radiators, electrical cabinets, interior doors, industrial warehouse doors, and others were protected with fireproof coatings with light asbestos sheets . They are extremely dangerous; they can release asbestos even without any stress. The risk of fiber release can also occur during small, short-term interventions.

Sprayed asbestos coatings

For the fire protection of steel beams, insulating slabs, and other fire protection coatings it was often used to coat the material as a beam with sprayed asbestos. In the case of intact material, the risk is low, but a small intervention is enough to release large quantities of asbestos.

Fireproof protections

We have seen that asbestos was used as fireproof protection with asbestos. Fireproof asbestos barriers, insulating mats to protect a boiler, fireproof asbestos fabrics, cable protection asbestos was used for practically anything that had to be protected from fire. The rule is always the same if there is damage is dangerous. In addition, pay attention to the environment and its ventilation. A ventilated environment can cause fiber release to occur naturally. Eliminate it where you can.

What to do if I find Eternit with asbestos

What should we do if we find eternity with asbestos or asbestos in another form? What obligations does the law impose? The first thing to do is to have a risk assessment done by an authorized company registered with a register that must:

  • Check the type of materials and the possible presence of asbestos
  • See if there is damage or degradation of eternity or other artifacts
  • Assess the risk of dispersing asbestos fibers in the air.

If the assessment highlights damaged materials, it is mandatory to proceed with asbestos removal. In other cases, interventions can be carried out to avoid damage or only periodic checks for risk-free cases. If you are unable to make the assessment, the company must carry out an environmental survey on airborne fibers with special equipment.

Asbestos removal can only be carried out by an authorized asbestos company. In other words, the company must be registered in the national register of companies operating waste disposal services and in particular in category 10 Remediation of assets containing asbestos.