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Holding tournaments with payment of participation by Teams or Players, the acceptance of contributions ends at the same time as registration. Teams or Players who have not paid a fee before the end of registration are not allowed to participate in the tournament. You can get the laser tag singapore price in online sites also.

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Tournament table

The tournament table, where the names of the teams, the dates and times of the games are recorded, is published on the site 24 hours before the start of the tournament and is also posted on the territory of the club. The intermediate and final results of the tournament are posted at the end of the tournament on the club’s website. During the tournament, no more than two players may be replaced in Teams. Alternate Team Players must also be declared on the list of participants before registration ends.

Rules of tournament games

The standard game of the tournament lasts no more than 10 minutes. Game time may be reduced by the decision of the Administrator.

The final results of the meeting of the two Teams are determined by two games held between them with a color change of the bases. If there is a gap of more than 10,000 points between the results of the Teams, the second game is not held, and the Team with the fewer points is considered to be the loser. In case of failure to appear at the game at the time fixed in the tournament table, the Team or the Player is counted as a technical loss. In this case, a refund of payment of contributions is not made.

Lock Prohibition

If the affected player is in the way of another player, then he is obliged to provide an opportunity for free passage by taking a step to the side or turning around so as not to interfere with the movement of other players.

Affected players are prohibited from moving towards the enemy’s base as well as being at the enemy’s base. In case of defeat, the player must move two walls back towards his base. The defeated player does not depart from his own base. Players during the game in the maze are strictly forbidden to run.

During the tournament, the basic rules of the “Portal Laser Club” Arena published on the site and duplicated on the territory of the “Portal Laser Club” are also valid.

Refereeing and disputes

In order to control compliance by the Players and Teams with the rules, one or two Referees must be in the arena during the tournament. Referees may be selected from among the regular Players of the club and allowed to be judged by the Administrator. However, the Referees may not be Players participating in the current tournament.

The Referee has the right, in case of violation of the rules by the players, to apply disciplinary action against the players or the Team. In case of a single violation of the rules by the Player or the Team, the Referee has the right to withdraw 100 points from the general account of the offender. In case of repeated violation of the rules, the Player or the Team may be removed from the Arena by the decision of the Referee.

In case of a single gross violation of the rules, a Player or a Team may be removed from the Arena by the decision of the Referee. Teams or Players that do not comply with the rules and allow repeated violations may be disqualified and not allowed to participate in tournaments by the decision of the Referee or Administrator.