The Option to get the Best Energy Rate Now


When remodeling the wiring in the house, ask the experts to assemble the wiring diagram so that the general lighting in the room could not be turned on all at once, but separately, using several switches, i.e. in groups. Then the light can only be turned on in that part of the room where it is needed at that time and turned off in the same room where it is not necessary at the same time. Or on your chandelier it will be possible to turn on not all the lights at once, but as much as you need now for comfortable lighting.


There is no need for excessive lighting of those rooms where you are infrequent and do not perform any work requiring bright light: these are corridors, toilets, bathrooms, utility rooms. It is enough to use incandescent lamps with a power of 20-30 W per 1 m2 (the power of energy-saving lamps will be 5 times less). You can calculate the acceptable level of comfort in these rooms and the technical characteristics of lighting devices for free. Make a visit to www.energyoutlet there.


These tips should be remembered every day. They are not complicated and do not require much time to complete them, but if you do not forget to follow them, you can significantly reduce the energy consumption in your home and reduce the cost of its payment.

The easiest and most effective way to save energy is to remember to always turn off the light where you don’t need it: when leaving home, do not leave electrical appliances and lighting useless, do not allow long-term lighting of empty rooms.

And when leaving for a long time for example, on vacation, we recommend that all electrical appliances be disconnected from power pull out the plugs from outlets. This measure not only guarantees you that some device will uselessly consume electricity, for example, in standby mode, but it will also ensure fire safety in the house in your absence.

Keep lamps and shades clean.

Dirt and dust accumulating on them can reduce the efficiency of the lighting device by 10-30%. Especially often fixtures and lamps in kitchens with gas stoves are contaminated.

Your windows should be clean.

Dirty windows steal the natural light that enters your house. And then you have to turn on artificial lighting and waste electrical energy. Dirty or dusty windows can reduce the natural light in a room by up to 30%. Try to provide a lower level of general lighting when using local lighting. That is when your workplace is intensively lit by another lamp, for example, a table lamp or a floor lamp. Do not interfere with the penetration of natural light into the room: do not close the curtains unnecessarily during the day, do not force the windowsill to be large plants, keep windows clean, etc.

See where in your home you can replace a simple incandescent lamp with a compact fluorescent lamp. Remember, the lamp must be selected so that it fits the lamp: it has the same base as the incandescent lamp, fits in the lamp in size. The most effective replacement of incandescent lamps with energy-saving compact fluorescent lamps in those places where the light is constantly on and rarely turns on or off. Replacing incandescent lamps with modern energy-saving lamps on average can reduce electricity consumption in an apartment by 2 times. Costs usually pay off in less than a year.

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