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If the rug is placed under the sofa, it is good to have a solid colour. The living room rugs with patterns and geometric designs look better in front of the sofa. In fact, so they can be admired more easily.

How to choose the colour of a rug

After choosing the dimensions and the placement of the cheap rugs for the living room, it is time to go into more detail on the characteristics of the fabric. The question to be asked is this: how to choose the colour of a rug? The answer is implicit in the lines and shapes of the furnishings in our home.

cheap rugs

To understand how to choose the colour of the living room rug it is necessary to ask first of all if we want it to capture the attention of the guests or to marry harmoniously with the surrounding furniture. The fabric that dresses the stoneware, the parquet or the marble of our houses can become the centre of the room; it can play the role of the pole of attraction of the looks, while every other piece of furniture is content to act as a page, functional and comfortable, but in the background due to the glance.

In the opposite situation, the rugs for the living room take on a function of the balance of the whole. In this second eventuality, the chromatic notes of the rug must be the same or similar to those present in the furniture. The tone on tone is a good choice to create a strong relationship between the rugs for the living room and all the furniture in the living room. The resulting sensation is that of an enveloping, warm space that promotes peace and tranquillity.

If the rug is to give vitality to the environment, it must be the centre of attention and be immediately noticed, and then it is necessary to prefer patterns with chromatic notes in contrast with those prevalent in the furniture. The distinction between warm colours and cold colours is a factor to keep in mind. In fact, the former has a visual weight quite different from the latter. Red, orange, yellow give energy and make their presence felt strongly.

On the contrary, grey, green and blue are discrete and favour a relaxing atmosphere. They give lightness to the spaces, and if well arranged in the available volumes, they allow you to visually enlarge the room.

How to match the rug in the living room on a light or dark floor

The rugs for the living room, as well as those for the kitchen, for the bathroom and for the bedrooms, have an almost two-dimensional habitat: the floor. A good rug must always remain adherent, without causing risks of stumbling for the inhabitants of the house and for the guests. Therefore, an important question is required: how to match the rug in the living room on a light or dark floor? A general rule applies to heavily loaded colours: a rug on a dark floor must be light in colour in order to stand out and give light to the room.