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how to start affiliate marketing

We have a lot of experience with affiliate campaigns and also my preference for the various affiliate networks. We list the most important networks for making money with affiliate marketing for you:

Large webshops sometimes also have the option of their own affiliate program. Ideal, because there is a good chance that one of your visitors will buy something, after all, they have everything there. And the company is known for its reliability and fast service. Keep in mind that uses a short cookie time. So how to start affiliate marketing .

how to start affiliate marketing

Can you really make money with affiliate marketing?

In the time that link websites were highly valued by Google and they are not anymore, this form of link building is seen as unnatural and spam there are people who have filled their pockets. If you had a good-scoring link page full of links to insurance companies, you could occasionally change a link to earn € 500 to € 1,000. In 2014, unfortunately, it no longer works that way. Still, you can earn money with little effort.

A few examples of making money with affiliate marketing:

Do you know the Facebook page the world in 27 vacation days? Although there is now also a website with the same name, they started after the publication of a really cool book with a Facebook page for travel enthusiasts. Who doesn’t want tropical plates and inspiring travel stories to be served daily? They now have 33,750 followers, who also keep them regularly informed of, for example, the cheapest airline tickets. We suspect that such a post of a few minutes, with their number of followers, can be quite lucrative.

  • We make the most money from the books that are ordered from In particular, the coloring books for adults, which we find good in Google, fly almost like hotcakes over the counter. With an average commission of 5 to 8% (depending on how much you sell) and an average book price of € 9.95, you will not immediately get rich with one purchase. But this book has been ordered more than 100 times and the article is worth more every day. With only € 0.66 per book, this has brought me € 66 immediately, because other purchases were made via the link in this article. Calculate your profit! We currently have no more work on the item, but the orders still continue. We are curious about what the position will be in one year.

Fewer purchases, but more income resulted in my article about cheerful suitcases. This is regularly found through Google and one in 20 people who clicks on one of the cases actually buys one. Suitcases are not cheap, the commission is around 10% and therefore one purchase gives me more than € 8.50 for this item. And what if we had had a travel blog and were known as an expert there?

Although these are examples of more online magazines than blogs, we think that the greatest power for affiliate marketing is in personal blogs. If you are a fan of beauty products and Miss Lipgloss says that the new lipstick is the bomb, then you will want it too.