Terrarium: A Guidance of Using this Magic Bowl

Terrarium Singapore

Before starting the Terrarium Singapore workshop let us know what the terrarium is. A terrarium means a glass container or globe in which plants grow. This is not a new process for growing a plant, instead, its history is very old. This is also called a garden of glass which looks very attractive and captivating. It is similar to an aquarium in which different kinds of plants, colored stones are used to decorate it.

Purpose of terrarium: As far as its purpose is concerned, basically people make a terrarium for decoration and on the other side maybe it has some scientific reason also to analyze the growth of the plants.

Different names of terrarium:  People know terrarium with different names. Some of these names are a greenhouse, glasshouse also. Because the terrarium is made of glass and green plants. It is also sometimes called an indoor garden.

Use for decoration purposes: People make and buy terrariums for many reasons. Some people make a terrarium for decoration because it looks very beautiful. And some other people make gift terrarium.

Terrarium Singapore

Types of terrarium: Mainly there are two types of terrarium one is an open terrarium and another one is a closed terrarium. In an open terrarium, the top part of the glass globe is open and in a closed terrarium the upper part of the terrarium is open.  Both of these types of terrarium depend on the plants which are inside them. Some plants need air and other plants do not need air.

How to make Terrarium

  • First of all, you need a glass globe or container which can be open or close from the top whichever you like.
  • The next step is the choice of plants that you want to grow to decorate your terrarium. Plants grown in an open terrarium are different from closed ones.
  • Another main thing that is used to make a terrarium is charcoal if you have a closed glass container because it keeps the water of the terrarium clean. So it is a must. On the other side if you have an open glass jar then you don’t need charcoal.
  • Today there are many options for the decoration of the If you see then lots of different things you can buy to beautify your terrarium. It is all about the ideas and creativity you have inside you.
  • Many types of seagrass and colored stones and other decorative things you can buy to decorate your terrarium.

How to take care of a terrarium

Now, this is very important to know when you make a terrarium then how to maintain it because without maintaining your hard work goes to waste. Follow the steps given below to maintain the terrarium.

  • First of all, you need to know that there are many differences between open and closed terrariums. Because maintenance of an open terrarium is much difficult than the closed terrarium.
  • Closed terrarium needs less care because they can maintain indirect light from the Just remember to open the closed terrarium once a month for the fresh air to circulate for a few minutes.
  • On the other hand, open terrariums gain direct light from the sun regularly so they need regular water.

So, we can conclude that whether it is a closed or open terrarium both need care only then they look beautiful.