Smart Details for the Right House Measurement

remodel measure guide

It would seem that nothing complicated in this can be. Take the floor area, and it will be equal to the ceiling area. However, this will be true only when the walls are strictly vertical, and the ceiling is perfectly horizontal. This may sometimes be the case, but in some cases, things may be different. Ti remodel measure guide this is important.

remodel measure guide

For example, if the room is located in the attic, the ceiling may be sloping. In this case, the measurement of its area must be made separately. Consider this case in more detail. The length of the corresponding segment of the wall, in this case, will be the horizontal side of the triangle. The difference in height is the vertical side of the triangle. The oblique side of the resulting right triangle can be calculated according to the well-known Pythagorean Theorem. Thus you can measure all the parameters of the ceiling and as a result, determine its area. Then, to determine its full surface, it is necessary to determine the area of ​​its parts separately and then add up the values ​​obtained to obtain the total area of ​​the ceiling.

Formula Square

As we can see, the process of measuring the area of ​​the floor, walls, and ceiling is based on measuring areas that have a simple geometric shape. What forms are these measurements made of? It depends on what kind of geometric figure in question.

Consider the main options that may occur.

The area of ​​a rectangle is equal to the product of the lengths of its sides.

The area of ​​a trapezoid is the product of the sum of the bases and the height of the perpendicular to them.

The area of ​​a circle is defined as the product of the number “pi” by the square of the radius of the circle.

When it comes to a rectangular triangle, its area is half the product of the lengths of its perpendicular sides.

Despite the seeming simplicity of such measurements, it requires precision, consistency, and accuracy. Measurement of the length of the walls should be made strictly on the horizontal lines, and height on the vertical. It is very desirable for this to use the building level or plumb, respectively.

It must be remembered that the actual layout may differ from the expected and the numbers in the documents or from the master repairmen may not coincide with the real values. It is convenient to use schemes on paper in the measurement process. This will increase the reliability of the measurements.

Repair in any room requires significant financial investments. You can reduce your costs by purchasing the optimum amount of material. For this, you need to know exactly the dimensions and features of a particular room. This will avoid a situation where, after finishing the work, a certain amount of wallpaper or laminate remains, which is difficult to use when finishing another room. Not everyone knows how to calculate the area of ​​a room if its shape is different from the correct one. A sector, a semicircle or a trapezium can create difficulties in calculating those who have graduated from school long ago or who have not mastered the course of mathematics. However, remembering the basic formulas, it will be easy to cope with the task. Room size is an important indicator for repairs.