Reference: Who verifies them wins

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As soon as your business starts, you will certainly not be able to avoid new colleagues in the future. Choosing people is a nightmare for some companies, because the success rate of finding suitable candidates for a position is often around 50% such a roll of the dice, whether it works or not. If you are a starting entrepreneur, you cannot afford these dice throws, because any mistake in the selection costs you considerable money, and especially in the beginning, if we do not have any reserve, it can endanger the functioning of the whole company. With the criminal check national the process becomes easier now.

criminal check national

What can literally save you sometimes?

You can rapidly increase your success in hiring by checking references with previous employers. In most cases of unsuccessful recruitment, we found that our clients did not verify references or verified them unprofessionally. It also has rules for you to avoid any unscrupulous social conversation with a manager who has worked with the person in the past. Social questions such as what would you tell me about it? How did you work with it? Will only receive social answers and you will not learn anything of value. Here are some tips on how to validate references. And according to our experience, it works very well for example in the selection of suppliers.

Never verify only one reference

It can sometimes happen that your potential worker does not agree with a previous employer for some legitimate reason, and you may then get deliberately negative references. However, if we verify at least three references, we will avoid this risk.

One reference verification i.e. contact with one previous employer takes on average 15 to 20 minutes. In three minutes you can never get the information you need. As soon as you call the person, let them know the length of the call and confirm whether they have space now or to call you later when they can look after you. Our experience is those previous employers like referring to productive and clever people, and it is such an imaginary icing on the cake when hiring your new associate.

Verify the facts and avoid specific questions.

During the interview, the candidate will tell you about his or her previous job results or practices and temporary jobs. Carefully write down these results and then specifically ask your previous supervisor whether this information is truly true and that the person actually achieved it and whether it was really his merit.

Better to verify some references than none.

You may find yourself recruiting a graduate who has no work experience yet. However, this does not mean that the references cannot be verified here. Most of today’s graduates have at least some experience or work experience. Find out the references here it does not matter that the activity was not related to the position to which we now apply. You just need to verify that what the person told us at the interview about his production is really true. If a person has been involved in a sport for a long time or has been part of an association, you can make contact with their coaches or leaders.