Perfection Blazing Out of Make Ups

make up tips

Do you love the pigments you use on your eyelids and dream of finding the same color on a gloss? Stop the incessant trips to your favorite cosmetics store and make your own gloss.

Mix pigments with ointment or petroleum jelly in the palm of a spoon and apply it to your lips. It’s simple as hello. Highlight your Cupid’s bow by drawing a cross on your upper lip. For well-drawn lips, nothing like a beautiful Cupid’s bow. When it comes to the make up tips you will need to be specific now.

To ensure a perfect layout, the trick is to draw a cross on the Cupid’s bow using a lip pencil in the same shade as your red. Then apply your lipstick as usual and voila.

Complexion makeup tips

Camouflage ringed, puffy eyes with a foundation triangle. You are certainly in the habit of tapping foundation on areas that need it, but the most effective method to camouflage dark circles or reduce puffy eyes is to draw a triangle from the base of your eyes to under your cheekbone.

This shape helps to camouflage all redness uniformly and gives the impression of an instantly brighter face because the brightest point is under your eyes. Perfectly enhance your cheekbones with a tan using a pencil.

make up tips

The place where your best friend places her tan for such a beautiful effect is not the same on your pretty face.

Not everyone has the same face shape, and fortunately

To find out exactly where to place your bronzer, place a pen, pencil or the handle of your makeup brush just below your cheekbone (as if you were setting it under the bone) to identify the perfect angle. Once you have found the right angle, apply bronzing powder to the top of the pencil using a contouring brush and blend it for a natural effect.

Make your contouring easier with an eyebrow gel

After applying your foundation, mark the areas where you want to contour (the hollow under your cheekbones, the sides and the tip of the nose, the crease of the eyes) with a dark brow gel.

Eyebrow gels have the advantage of being both more concentrated and more fluid, which makes them easy to apply without risking dark spots on the face.

Then, in the center of the forehead, on the cheekbones and on the Cupid’s bow, put a lighter complexion illuminator. It’s ready, arm yourself with your brush and blend it for easy and natural contouring.

Matt your skin with toilet paper

Ok, it sounds weird said like that, but the toilet paper has nothing to envy to the matting wipes. You can very well use it to remove excess sebum from your skin.

The advantage, unlike wipes that sometimes let us go without warning, is that there is always toilet paper around. That’s it, you have all the cards in hand to become the MacGyver of the make-up.

For some, assuming his acne is a real test of everyday life. But if makeup can be a temporary solution to camouflage your imperfections, beware of beauty faux-pas that give a plaster effect and amplify the visibility of blackheads. To hide without exaggerating, discover the tips from Manon Poivre, make-up and sales coach for Make Up For Ever.