Greater Options for the Jaipur Travel Now

In Jaipur there are elephants, snake charmers and palaces where maharajas live. With about 3 million inhabitants, Jaipur has all the best that India can offer. What’s worse too, it’s chaotic, messy, dirty and crowded. And look, with straight streets and divided into sectors, was the first planned city of India. You can visit this wonderful city by a taxi from Delhi. For that you can visit .

We arrived in Jaipur by the traditional tourist route, after five hours on a train from New Delhi. Gateway to Rajasthan, Jaipur is known as the pink city. For in 1876 the Maharaja Sawai Ram Singh ordered the whole city to be painted this color. All are due to the visit of Prince Albert of the United Kingdom, empire that colonized the country. Fashion has caught on and even today Jaipur has many such buildings, starting with the entrance gates of the historic center.

Jaipur Gate, India

The best known postcard of the city is also pink. It is the Hawa Mahal, which means “Palace of Winds”. With almost 1000 windows, the building was part of the Royal Palace, another important tourist spot of Jaipur.

But what is the reason for so much window? Well, the palace was built so that the women of the Maharaja family could observe the city without being seen. Or do you think they could be silly on the streets? The practice of hiding women from men is even named: purdah – and was very common in the region.

In front of the Hawa Mahal

Nearby is Jantar Mantar, an astronomical observatory built between 1727 and 1734 that can measure time, predict eclipses, follow the route of planets, and show the couple Bahuan and Maya that their fate was written in the stars by less according to Gloria Perez. It is that there were recorded some romantic scenes from the soap opera.

Jaipur, India

From Dinner Matar, a tuk-tuk race (remember to bargain the price) will take you to the Albert Museum, which features a collection of artifacts that tell part of Rajasthan’s history and even Egyptian mummies. The museum square is a beautiful place, a great place to rest during the long walks through the streets of Jaipur.

But the biggest attraction of Jaipur is the Amber Fort, which is 11 kilometers from the city center. To get there tourists have two options: either spend saliva to combine a fair price with a tuk-tuk driver (somewhere around 300 rupees, or $ 11 for the round trip) or take a local bus, which costs 8 rupees (R $ 0.30) and travels in 25 minutes. Of course, we, probably foreigners with the tightest travel budget in India’s history, chose the second option.

11 km from Jaipur, Amber has one of Rajasthan’s most beautiful palatial forts. It’s worth the auto-rush to get there and, at noon, explore the charms of Amber’s palace and gardens. Amber was the first capital of Rajasthan and will not disappoint him.

If you head for the city of Jaipur, then this is the best option that you take the taxi and head for the city. It is for sure that you will be having the best options for discovering the place now.