Friends and Your Options from the Army

Find Army Friends

If the person you are watching has something special, a pair of original shoes, a shirt, etc. who you like, you can appreciate this and ask where you could find something like this. A warning to this method is to not exaggerate with the compliments because it will seem false. You can Find Army Friends as per the requirement now.

Another tip is to try to make compliments that person does not usually receive. For example, if the person is known for beauty does not compliment her, you can still appreciate her elegance and style. If the person is a star does not tell him how great an actor or singer or artist he is, tell him how much you appreciate his work and the impact it has had on you. And another tip related to compliments: when your compliment is sent by a friend to the respective person, to whom you told in confidence what you appreciate to him or her. The compliment seems much more authentic.

Find Army Friends

Ask for an opinion on something.

If you are a work colleague you can ask about a task. If you are a colleague at school you can ask about a subject that you know that person is doing very well. If you have an activity that you both enjoy, for example cooking, you can ask about a recipe, etc. We all like to help when there is something we know we can handle. When asked for our opinion, we feel appreciated, listened to and respected, and these are some of the things that form a friendship.

Don’t be a boring person.

Do not give trivial answers to the questions you are asked. Someone asks you what you not just say the job title, say how you help people, give a broader description of what you do. If someone asks you how you are called, you can help the person to remember the name through a story or analogy.

Other recommendations:

Avoid talking in technical terms about what you do with people who are not in your field.

Presents the people you talk to about how it is to be you, in which to show your human side, things you learned from your experience, funny things, useful things, etc.

Start your story with the most interesting thing. For example, “I went to a museum that had a cave inside” because that is how you attract attention and you can continue the story about the Antipa Museum in Bucharest.

Avoid getting the whole conversation going, let the other person say their opinion, ask questions and come up with conversation ideas. There is nothing wrong with talking about your experiences in common as you knew, what you initially thought of each other, etc.

If you talk together it doesn’t mean you can’t be boring, especially if you talk about topics that the person in front of you is not interested in. The moments of silence give you time to enjoy the scenery or activity so don’t worry you have to talk nonstop. Monotonous intonation, too low or too high a constant voice in conversation creates boredom.

Ask an acquaintance to introduce you to the new person in the group.

If you go to an event or activity with a group of friends and see new people, you do not need to search too much to start a conversation.

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