Explosion Of The Chemical Industry In The City Of England

Demolition Company Birmingham

Demolition Company Birmingham

  • There is a Demolition Company Birmingham city of England it is a very big chemical industry they are manufacturing the pesticide for the farming and the plastic factory materials so they are being made with the harmful chemicals to the body
  • They are being appointed the new staffs
  • The interview is finished and they appoint the 4 new chemical engineers first for the first month the work has been done peacefully with the first there might be the same incident happens in the industry and the there is no big incident are be happen in the one month the chemical engineers come to know that the poison substance chemicals are being used in the preparation of the pesticide if the drop of the chemical drops on the body the death is the only factor happen and if it gets evaporate they flow in the air and causes the death to the whole village surrounding of the industry
  • There are no safety mechanisms
  • There is no safety measure is being kept in the industry the workers working the industry are lending the life to the work the no one knows the risk of the chemical used in the industry the new appointments are be known the chemicals name after the many research that name is methylene chloride acid this is one of the most dangerous chemicals in the worlds it must be maintained only in the cool substance so the temperature is be maintained only in the 4 degrees but they are being maintained in the 27 degrees of heat if it increases to the 40 degrees it gets blast and the main thing is that the cooler machine does not get work so this is in the danger heavy

The first died of new appointments

The one person in the team goes the pipeline inspection it means that all the pipes are good flowing or not by the way of inspection he comes to notice that the one pipe in the dangerous acid gets the smoke lightly if he gets near to the pipe it will burst some drops of the acid gets splashed in the face of the engineer he gets very firing in the face he doesn’t stay the pain he gets more hits so the other workers in near them are took the person to the hospital but the effort took by the doctors comes waste he passed away

The problem by worker 

All the worker in the industry get absent all that day they want that to the safety of the worker they placed some request to the management to get them back to the work that is all the pipelines are being changed into the new one and all safety measures are being compulsory placed after the reopens there is only the new painting to the pipes there is no change in the industry on that day night the acid tank get be demolished due to the lots of heat so the whole industry gets exploited and the surrounding of the industry are also gets exploded due to the less management of the industry so it leads to the whole city in the sadness