Do yourself a favor and buy any one of these gorgeous case wallets to protect your iPhone

iphone xs max case wallet

Apple’s iPhone, or for that matter anything comes from the Apple store, can’t be uttered in the same breath with the word ‘affordable’ – let’s agree on that first before we proceed. Affordability is not something Apple ever wanted to boast. Having said that, Apple upped the game on a whole different level of expansiveness when they released their latest iPhone line-up last year. Yes, I’m talking about the iPhone XS Max – with its eye-popping price tag of $1099 as the starting price, it gave a shock to the tech-media and Apple fanboys equally. But, you, being just another Apple fanboy, can’t help but to buy that piece of gorgeous tech as soon as you see it in an Apple store, right? Now to prevent that beloved possession of yours to meet a tragic end, an iphone xs max case wallet is necessary, don’t you agree on that? I know you are! That’s why to save you from those endless nightmares, I have selected some awesome piece of case wallets, which are not only stunning look-wise but also aids to a lot of functionalities on their own.

Now, as you’re a proud owner of Apple’s flagship, iPhone XS MX, you surely realize how huge this phone is to carry everywhere you go. Perhaps that’s the reason you always wanted to skip a full-fledged case wallet, to not add more bulk on that already bulky phone of yours. However, the ones I’m going to present here today could help you with. With any one of these case wallets on your Apple XS Max, you can carry all your important things like currencies, credit cards and visiting cards, and even some coins (in some of them) – so that you can just skip your heavy wallet at home. This way you can definitely reduce your everyday bulk, at the same time, can protect that expensive iPhone from any unfortunate mishaps.

I, for example, always preferred to have the luxury and convenience of a complete case wallet attached to my iPhone. But I have always selected the case wallets which have a detachable design – to aid the flexibility. Here I have listed some of my favorite ones, and those are also easy on pockets. Yes, budget is the most important factor among others by which I have selected these cases. After all, if we are not buying those expensive original Apple cases, that should be the main reason if not sole, right?

Bellroy Case Wallets

iphone xs max case wallet

This case wallet is slim, meticulously designed, yet styled gorgeously to turn more heads once you pop that phone out of your pocket with this case attached. It’s signature elegance can make anyone drool over this, don’t be surprised if people stop by you to ask from where you bought that one – though I’m sure that you’ll enjoy that! You have to try this one on your iPhone XS Max to believe how eye-catching it can make your already-stunning phone.

All the good things about this case wallet do not end with its beauty alone. Take the material which this case is made of as an example – flex polymer, which is known for excellent strength and durability, will be able to save your day from an accidental drop. Take a look at the inner part of this case, you’ll find a soft layer of microfiber, which should prevent everyday scratches very easily.


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