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fix commercial shutters

In the past, extension springs were safer to install but didn’t have containment cables running through the center of the spring. Without cable, these springs become dangerous, heavy whips when they break. They also tend to be noisier than torsion springs, and we recommend you use them only if you don’t have the 12 in. of headroom above the door that a torsion spring requires and fix commercial shutters .

fix commercial shutters

Torsion springs have three advantages over extension springs. They’re quieter, safer, and easier to fine-tune. Torsion springs are quieter because you don’t have a spring knocking against a roller track. They’re safer because when a spring breaks, it usually stays on the bar.

Finally, you can fine-tune the tension on a torsion spring so the door is perfectly balanced. Setting the tension on torsion springs has always been very dangerous, but torsion and extension spring systems with easy.

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  • Seven Key to a Safe Door System Lightweight. Insulated double steel doors, even the heaviest ones, usually weigh 150 to 200 lbs., less than half the weight of the wood or hardboard doors they replace. And although weight isn’t an issue if the springs are properly tensioned, all springs eventually weaken and break.
  • If you are seeing that spring might need fixing, check out this guide to garage door spring repairs. Pinch resistance. The most common garage door injury is a finger that gets smashed, or even amputated when it’s caught between sections as the door moves. To solve the whipping problem, manufacturers now offer containment cables that run through the center of side-mounted extension springs. If you have extension springs and don’t plan to replace your door, make sure the springs have these containment cables or have a professional install them.
  • Safe automatic door openers. All automatic openers must now have an auto-reversing mechanism and photoelectric eyes located near the floor on both sides of the door. If the door is closing and the beam between the eyes is interrupted, the door will automatically reverse. If the eyes aren’t connected, the door won’t operate.


Roller track support brackets and the opener should be securely bolted to the rafters. Annual maintenance. Make an annual check of all nuts and bolts on rails and rollers to make sure they’re firmly tightened. Check the condition of all cables to make sure they’re not worn or frayed. Lubricate rollers and springs with a garage-door lubricant.


which may take some running around. But once you have the kit in hand, you can repair it in about two hours. drive socket set, hex wrenches, a circular saw, a drill, and a hammer. I’ll show you how to remove and replace the gears without damaging the shafts. Start by unplugging the opener. Then remove the retaining screws for the metal cover and put it aside. Shine a flashlight directly at the gear set. If you see chewed-up teeth, you’ve nailed the problem. If the gears are in good shape, you’ve got a more serious problem and your best bet may be to just replace the entire unit. Then call a garage door opener repair company. It’ll probably charge a bit more than an Internet site, but at least you’ll have the parts right away and be up and running the same day.