Be an Owner-builder and save your money

Owner builder

If you have better ideas for you home d├ęcor or design, then it is the right time to take up tools and brushes all by yourself. Being an Owner builder and constructing your own house is a great experience. He is a person who is licensed to build or renovate his own property without hiring any other registered builder. Constructing an own house will be a dream of almost every person People work for years to save money and finally invest it in their dream house. So, in order to convert their dream into reality, people get ready to pay any price but all they need is a perfect job. But many times, it is tough to find professionals who are loyal and perfection-oriented in the job they do. So, many people opt to be one so that they can monitor the construction process at every step and get things done perfectly according to their needs. Being one, you can undertake all or part of the domestic building work with exceptions in areas that require licensed or registered tradespeople like electrician, plumbers etc.

Owner builder

How to become an owner builder?

To be an owner builder all you no need to do is to first complete an owner builder course from any authorized organization and then obtain a certificate of consent from the related housing department. This certificate allows you to carry out domestic construction or renovation work as an owner-builder on your own land.

Before giving you permission to be an owner builder, the concerned department will want to make sure that you have all the prescribed knowledge about the responsibilities and duties of an owner builder. So to achieve this you need to complete the course and get a certificate from an approved organization.

Duties and responsibilities of an owner builder

  1. The first thing is to obtain a building permit from the concerned authority.
  2. Ensuring that all rules and regulations related to the construction project are followed properly.
  3. Ensuring the safety of the workers and site of the project.
  4. Making sure that all work carried out in the site are according to what is described in the permit.
  5. A complete description of the work performed under the owner-builder permit should be provided to the concerned authority and approval had to be taken.
  6. Get approval to all related documents like building plan, specifications, earth work etc. And make sure that all work performed in the site, is in accordance with the approved documents.
  7. The owner-builder will himself be responsible for all the building works carried on in the site and if any legal issues arise, that should be resolved by the owner-builder himself.
  8. It is also very important to determine the value of building work by calculating the cost of all materials and labor.
  9. The owner-builder who constructs his own property is not allowed to rent or sell his property or use it for any commercial purpose. Instead, he is supposed to be a resident in the house that is use it only for a residential purpose.