Where to get free boxes while moving?

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Are you planning to move houses? You might be searching for packing boxes everywhere. The Removals Company Essex has moving boxes to help you pack all your stuff. But you might be searching for free packages, available in plenty of stores and supermarkets. But you need to go and ask whether they will give you boxes and whether you are looking for second-hand boxes or not! There are institutes selling goods being delivered to your homes every week. This means you will be finding lots of free cardboard boxes in your houses only. Moreover, boxes are very necessary while moving from one house to another, and these are some places where you can find big boxes for free.

Places where you will find free boxes.

1. Coffee shops and bars

Many present-day coffee shops are trying to reduce the carbon footprint by using environmentally friendly products. Likewise, these might be smaller than the standard boxes but best for putting decoration items. Also, there are many spare boxes in wine shops. Liquor comes daily to bars and restaurants, so order the boxes in time as they are limited in stock.

Removals Company Essex

2. Fast food stores

This is not known to many, but many fast-food chains have fry boxes. These are the boxes where frozen chips are given to the local fast food branches. Further, since the frozen foods are so heavy, these boxes are pretty sturdy while moving houses.

3. Recycle centers

If you are lucky enough, you might get boxes in the recycling centers also. The removal company sometimes takes the boxes from there as well. Check the nearest recycling center, and they accept corrugated cardboard as well. Search for any insects or bugs before taking the free boxes.

4. Bookstores

If you are looking for free boxes, bookstores are also an important place to search for them. Rather than the appliances, papers, books, and documents are other things you will be packing. Please take all the free boxes from the bookstores that they might give for donations. These boxes will come in handy during moving homes.

Where to find second-hand boxes?

  • Gumtree

Gumtree is the place for finding all free items along with the moving boxes. You can search for the gumtree shops near your location and buy and sell things from there. Just always inspect all the boxes before taking them. Check if there are any insects or wet spots in the boxes.

  • Freecycle

Freecycle is another place where you will be finding lots of used varieties. But it always expects the buyers to have realistic expectations. You will not get the best quality free boxes. Free boxes are of low quality only, and they might do more damage if you pack all of your household items there.

If there is any neighbor, who recently shifted, you can even take free boxes from them. But, check whether the boxes are in good condition or not. You can also take the boxes from the removal company. But charges are depending on the size of the boxes. Moving house requires a lot of preparation. Make your packing stress-free with the free packing boxes.