When should a dog’s warm and dry nose bother us?

my dog's nose is dry

A dog’s dry nose is not always a sign of illness or fever. Many myths arose about the topic but do not immediately panic and with each such symptom run to the veterinarian for advice. Expert observation is always the best advisor. We must notice when the dog has a dry nose? Is it when he wakes up when he is in the room or is it too long in the sun? You must learn to recognize the signs of your dog’s illness. The vet always interviews the patient’s caregiver before making a diagnosis. Thanks to this he can determine what is the real cause of the dog’s poor health. So when you think my dog’s nose is dry , then do that.

It is only disturbing when the dog’s dry nose lasts for a long time and for no apparent reason. This can happen as a result of blocked tear ducts. Then it is recommended to clean them by washing the eyes.  Under normal conditions, the skin on the dog’s nose is moist and covered with mucus. Prolonged dryness can lead to painful cracks that are difficult to heal. The extreme form of this condition is cracked.

Horny nose in a dog

my dog's nose is dry

A dog’s horny nose is unfortunately not just a problem of an aesthetic nature because the dog as a result of this state of affairs smells worse. The fluid level on the dog’s nose allows better capture of odor molecules. Water is the best guide to fragrances. Note that all hunting dogs have not only wet noses but also large lumps on which saliva flows. Thanks to this they perfectly capture odors from soil and air.

Returning to the dog’s dry nose if it is over dried we act similarly to our skin. The dog’s nose needs to be moistened of course not with water. The best remedy for a dry cracked nose of a dog is to lubricate it with vitamin A available at the pharmacy.

Can a dry nose be a symptom of other diseases?

Our concern should also be caused by the situation when the dog has a warm nose for a long time and breathes quickly because it can be a symptom of a cold runny nose or temperature and even more serious heart disease. If you have heart disease you will need to be treated for life with your dog and for a change of feed to cardio.

What should be remembered?

A dog’s dry nose does not always mean a high temperature. The best indicator is simply measuring the dog with a rectal thermometer. The correct temperature of the dog is 38 -38.5 degrees. If it is greater under no circumstances you must not give dogs non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs. Dogs cannot tolerate paracetamol and even a small dose of ibuprofen can be lethal for the animal. Therefore if you do not have knowledge but do not treat your pet on your own because you can harm him. Always consult a veterinarian before giving any medicine. We also remind you that fantastic discounts await all blog readers thanks to which you can buy all the products presented in the article by as much as 5% cheaper.