Ethernet Cable

Before you jump in troubleshooting the problems with the computer and to understand how to repair it would be better if you first understand the different types of parts that would come along with the computer and the functions of the parts. You need to understand what each part does. The following parts are required in order to set up a computer. Ethernet Cable can also be a part of the computer accessory.

System Unit – System unit is nothing but a large rectangular shaped box that is typically used and found underneath your desk. The most important thing that you will have to understand the system and act is that this system unit is considered as the core part of the computer. It is known as the brain of the computer. It is also known by the name that the tower of the computer. This is the place where you can insert your CDs and DVDs and will be used to watch the movie or such thongs. You can as well insert your floppy disk into that. The tower is also another name for CPU. CPU is called the central processing unit. CPU also refers to the actual chip that is it can be like AMD or intel. Therefore it could be quite confusing why people always refer to CPU just as CPU. You have to get the right type of reference from the context of the conversation. So that you will understand better.

Mouse –  A mouse is nothing but a small device that is used for allowing you to make the selections you want to make on your computer screen. They will come in different types and shapes but everything will just resemble a mouse. The mouse is something that connects to the system units and it can also be wireless. The mouse that you use can also have 1 button, 2 buttons, 3 buttons, or 4 buttons with a scroll that will be used to scroll through the page. This scroll will be present at the center of the mouse.

Keyboard – the keyboard is an important comp[ponent of the computer. This is used only for typing the text into the screen of the computer. This will kind of resemble a type of typewriter and also as a special kind of key that has to do certain things.

Monitor – This is the place where you will be able to find that your computer screen and you will also e able to find the information you want in this screen because the information is typically displayed in the computer screen, and it can also act like a television screen that displays moving images.

Computer Accessories

Ethernet Cable

There are also many other additional accessories of the computer that you can add o your desktop to make your work with the computer even more smooth and efficient. Although these are accessories that are available for the computer these are not the necessary need for the computer. They can come in handy for you totally depending upon the requirement you have to use these accessories. For example, you might need a printer. The printer is an extra accessory of the computer that is not casually needed but has that accessory will make you more comfortable to use the computer.

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