Web design tutorial: A brief guide to developing websites using WordPress

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In the previous part of this ongoing tutorial, we have successfully installed WordPress in the hosting and changed few settings as well. Today we will go to the deeper in our site’s dashboard to set up and change further settings. We are the fastest growing Seattle web design company, and providing services like designing websites , mobile apps, and more to our esteemed clients from all over the world. Let us begin from where we stopped in our previous session.

WordPress web design: playing with the settings in the dashboard

designing websites

We can see what our website looks like at the minute by clicking our site title at the top, and that will bring us to our site. Once you do that, you will see what your website would look like if we were using the default theme. But we are going to make ours look a lot better than the default theme as that’s a plain Jane one which would not be attractive to our visitors. When we first install WordPress, it comes with a demo post that says “hello world,” and if we just click into this post it has one line of text and one demo comment. This is just to show you what a post would look like if using this theme. If we look around, we will also find a demo page, and it’s just for the same thing.

Along with the demo post and the demo page, there are also a few demo plugins as well. So before we start changing our website, we are going to delete the demo content first. To get back to the dashboard from our website, we just need to click our site title at the gray bar running along the top which is only visible to us when we’re logged in; our visitors aren’t going to be able to see it. So we just click our site title at the top to go back to the dashboard, and to delete the demo post – we can click where it says posts on the left-hand side. You need to hover your mouse over where it says “hello world” and then click “trash.” Similarly, we can do the same thing for our demo page by clicking pages on the left-hand side by hovering our mouse over where it says “sample page,” and clicking “trash” to delete it permanently.

Now, in the plug-in section where it says “ninja forms” – this belongs to one of the demo plugins, but we’re going to be uninstalling that now. So to uninstall plugins on the left-hand side, you can click where it says plugins – then you want to check the box beside where it says plug-in to check all of these boxes. Now we can change the drop-down menu to deactivate and then click “apply.” Once we disable all of the plugins, we can just recheck the box. So, change the drop-down to delete and then click “apply” – it’s going to ask you that if you are sure. We want to delete all of these plugins, so we can just click “yes” to delete these files and data. Once we have removed our plugins, at that point we will have a brand new fresh WordPress installation.

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