The secret to winning every virtual escape room game

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Rejuvenating the mind brings the best out of you while working. But what if you are stuck at home and cannot go for recreational activity. Everything is online now so why not have fun online. There are many games to have fun online. A thrill out of this list is an online escape room singapore .

As the name suggests, it is a game where you are locked in a room virtually and you need to get out of it. How you get out of it also depends on you. You need to solve numerous puzzles, riddle small Games and reach for the key and a way to escape out of the room.

These virtual games are fun to solve but equally mind-numbing. Beginners have a hard time escaping virtual rooms. If you are also a beginner then here are some tips for you.

online escape room singapore

Tips to win an escape game-

  • Play with friends– With the group of people you are comfortable with, you all can communicate better and play along like a good tea. This would ensure increased chances to win the game. Being with strangers, sometimes you feel conscious about the fact that what if your idea won’t work or it is a dumb idea. This leads to ill communication.
  • Listen to your teammates– listening to everyone and their even smallest ideas would help to gather more hints. More minds on a single work always perform better if ideas of every team member hold equal respect and response. Also, this would help to link everyone’s ideas and eventually get to the solution
  • Manage clues and items found– You need to manage whatever you find so that you can easily search for it when you need it in the future. Also need to keep everything in memory, so that you can link previous clues to new ones or find a place to use given clues.
  • Search the room thoroughly – It happens many times that we ignore an element that contains the major hint. You should check each and every item of the room and you will never fail to gather all clues.
  • Know what to ignore– there are many objects deliberately put which seem like a hint but are useless. You should find such things and keep in mind not to check them again and again.
  • Don’t stick to one puzzle – There are numerous puzzles available at the same time for you to solve. If you find one difficult to solve, or it seems time-wasting then leave that puzzle and solve another. It may happen that solving other puzzles will get you the link for the one you were stuck at
  • Tricks – There are puzzles that need a combination of 3-4 letters or numbers. Say in a 4 letter password, you get hints for 3 but not the fourth letter, then try each letter on the left position and after all the tries you may definitely reach the solution.
  • Broader picture– Don’t consider each puzzle as an individual, they can be connected to each other or a group of links can be present. So don’t prejudge or set a bar in your mind.

So now you know tricks to win the game. Find a virtual escape room for you and start the adventure.