rénovation maison

How many dreams accompany the purchase of an old house or the idea that we will live in that of the grandparents? In both cases we are already able to imagine it, or rather to imagine what will be our perfect and very personal house, after having faced a long and demanding restructuring. With rénovation maison this happens to be essential.

And it is precisely restructuring that can break the dreams of a lifetime and give birth to a home far from the imagined one. In fact, entrusting money, hopes and technicians, imparting the desired, is only the starting point of a journey that will prove long and full of pitfalls and to which one must prepare oneself with scruple and dedication. During the work, doubts will be raised and many questions asked which will need to be answered quickly.

rénovation maison

The characteristics of the lighting system, which floor will be laid, the type of heating, if the windows will be screened by rolling shutters or shutters will be just some of the things that will be requested and to be prepared.

It will be the case to have the answers ready or, better still, to prevent the questions by providing the right information to the companies involved in the work. We will avoid giving answers under pressure and without having reflected properly. The risk is the suspension of work, loss of time and money and, above all, to find oneself in a house that does not resemble the desired one.

The heating system

Among the many things that are taken for granted is that the house will be heated, but rarely do you think of it as. Warming up an environment means first of all making a technological choice whose feasibility must be evaluated but also the effect it will have on the final appearance of the entire house.

In fact, if you opt for a radiant floor system, we must be sure that the difference in height between the slab and the final trampling surface is such as to allow the laying of the radiant panels and an adequate layer of overlying screed about 7 cm which guarantees the good yield and functionality of the entire system.

Even the most classic wall-mounted heating system needs to be carefully planned: the radiators will in fact cover portions of walls on which it will not be possible to pull together furniture and cannot be positioned unless special precautions on walls in which doors will house sliding.

If, on the other hand, an air-conditioning system is required, of the ducted type, loft-style industrial, or concealed inside the false ceiling, appropriate assessments must be made. First of all, you need to understand if the ceiling height allows you to anchor the pipes, especially in the presence of beams that involve a lowering of altitude.

The aeration channels must reach all environments, even the smallest ones, and the result could be far from the beautiful images that are popular in the sector magazines. The solution can be achieved by creating a false ceiling which, according to the required changes in altitude, can also aesthetically resolve the environments. Remember though that under certain heights the ceiling can’t go down.