Smart E Liquid Options You Can Feel Perfect With


In appearance, the Crafty Vaporizer and Vivant Alternate Vaporizer are deceptively similar in both size and design. Crafty and Alternate are small vaporizers that easily fit in your pocket, or it is relatively easy to hide them in your hand. Both models also have a foldable mouthpiece, but in Crafty it is rotatable, while the Alternate mouthpiece has a hinge and is foldable in a different plane. There are the eliquid options that you can go for.

Both models are also equipped with a steam cooling unit, but their design is slightly different, to which we will come back again. When it comes to the quality of materials used for production, it is noticeably higher in the case of Crafty Vaporizer, while the device itself makes a more solid appearance.

However, this difference is fully understandable due to the difference in the price of both devices. Although the materials used to produce Alternate Vaporizers are clearly cheaper, they are still completely safe for the user’s health. In terms of quality, the Crafty Vaporizer performs better.

Vaporizer: heating system, heating up time, available temperatures


Both Crafty Vaporizer and Alternate Vaporizer have a hybrid heating system, i.e. they heat the herbs with both hot air and the walls of the heating chamber. This allows for very effective use of dried herbs and intensive steam production. Warm-up time in both models is similar and is about 90 seconds with a fully charged battery.

This is not a stunning result, especially when compared to other models currently available for sale, but it is even. When it comes to available temperatures, Crafty Vaporizer offers 2 basic settings: 180 and 195 degrees Celsius. Both settings, however, can be freely adjusted from the level of the mobile application with which Crafty works the range of available temperatures is 40-210 degrees Celsius.

Alternate, in turn, has full temperature control from the device level – on its bottom, there is a display and two buttons for temperature control. The temperature range for this model is 70-220 degrees Celsius. There is a draw in this respect.

Vaporization: quality of steam produced

Both models produce very high-quality steam, in both cases, it is tasty and very strong. In terms of steam vapor quality, the Crafty looks slightly better, which is the result of a better-designed steam cooling unit – better-cooled steam is more velvety and more delicate for the respiratory tract.

Alternate has a feature that is missing in the case of Crafty Vaporizer, i.e. airflow regulation. This allows you to regulate the resistance when you breathe in, and thus also the density of the steam you produce. Despite everything, however, in terms of the quality of steam produced, Crafty fares better, although this is not a significant difference.

Vaporization: dried yield and consumption

Both models are equally good at extracting the active substances contained in herbs. The hybrid heating system works great in both cases. As for dried consumption, Crafty has a slightly larger heating chamber – it holds up to 0.25 g of ground herbs.

In the case of Alternate Vaporizer, the chamber holds about 0.15 g, making this device better suited to individual sessions. However, it needs to be filled more often in case of group inhalations. The smaller chamber means less overall dried consumption, which translates into greater savings. In terms of performance, we have a draw with an indication of Vivant Alternate.