Skin problems in the dog: The Reasons and Solutions

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Skin problems in the dog can express themselves differently. You can hop over to this website to know more about it.

  • Itching – scratching
  • Flapping the ears – shaking the head-scratching the ears
  • Licking the legs – biting the legs
  • Flakes in the coat – greasy coat
  • Bald spots
  • Wounds
  • Crusts
  • Black discolored bald skin – elephant skin
  • Redness or discoloration of the skin
  • Odor – smelly skin

Thickenings due to tumors

There are a number of causes for skin problems in the dog. The most important are discussed on this page, namely:

  • Parasites
  • Food allergy
  • Bacteria, fungi and yeasts
  • Endocrinological disorders
  • Parasites

The most important parasites that are bothering the dog are fleas, mites and ticks. A dog with severe itching problems suffered from flea allergy.


Fleas cause an annoying itch, if the fleas bite then it irritates. You see that the dog suddenly turns around and bites the fur or scratches itself with the hind legs.

Flea allergy

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Some animals are sensitive to the flea saliva. After a number of bites, a certain limit is exceeded, causing an allergic reaction. Older bites are also activated, causing the animal to get a lot of itching. They scratch and bite themselves until they bleed. One bite per week is then sufficient to maintain this process.


The following mites play a role as the cause of skin problems in the dog: ear mite, scab mite, fur mite and autumn mite. If young dogs shake their heads and scratch their ears a lot, an ear mite infection should be considered. You often see black earwax in the ears.

Demodex or young mange is a mite that occurs naturally in the skin of the dog. In young dogs and dogs with less resistance, it can expand unbridled and cause irritation. Demodicosis is often localized on the head and legs. It starts with bare, some red spots that may itch. Occasionally, itching is not required. At a later stage, scabs may form and the skin may flake. And there is extensive baldness and inflammation.


When it gets cold, swelling of the nose and soles of the feet can occur. We call this flaky hard skin hyperkeratosis. Think of calluses on people’s hands or feet. We have this hard flaky nose ointment (1-2x daily) with Bio Balm. This softens and restores hard flaky skin. This Bio Balm can also be used for hard surface problems such as elbows. So there are many reasons to get skin problems in a dog. Sometimes miserable skin problems just arise tumors.


Scabies or real scabies are caused by the sarcoptic mite, which digs holes in the skin. This causes a lot of itching. In the dog, the problems mainly occur at the heels, armpits, elbows and hips. The eyelid edges may also be involved. At a later stage the entire body can become infected. Think of a dog with bald spots and a lot of itching scabies.


We regularly get puppies in practice that has many flakes in the fur. It is often young dogs that come for the 1st 6-7 weeks or 2nd vaccination 9 weeks where we see this. The flakes cannot be brushed out and it is possible that the dog is itchy.