Save your account from carding

carding bank transfer

Online handling of bank accounts is a very easy and time-saving task. With a user ID and password most of the banking activities like money transfer, paying bills, online shopping etc can be done sitting at your place in front of your system or using an android mobile. All you need to do is, just link your bank account to online banking with a user ID and Password and start using it. You get a unique OTP for every transaction and you should use that OTP to proceed with your transaction.  But if safety measures not followed, then there is always a risk of Carding bank transfer.

carding bank transfer

Yes, there are hackers who may hack your bank account even without your knowledge. carding bank transfer is nothing but carding your bank details by hacking your user ID and password. Hackers monitor your online transactions and try to get access into your account. Once they get access to your account, they can handle your active bank account even without your knowledge. This is called “Account Takeover”. Once they get access to an active account, they transfer all the money to other fake accounts or use it for online shopping and buying gift vouchers.

There are some illegal dark websites called Carding forums where these carders share the carded information obtained by credit cards or debit cards. Using these information carders also try to gather the personal information of the user and misuse those for illegal activities. Many times, these hackers sell personal information’s they have hacked and earned huge sums of money. The company or people who buy such personal information of thousands of people from these hackers use all that information to create fake online accounts in social media or other platforms and perform illegal activities online.

Many times, fraudsters call people in the name of Bank officials and ask them to revile their account details or card details. In case if the person shares the details, then immediately they will take control of his bank account and spend all money in the account for various online purchases or payments and the person may end up with losing all the money he had earned by his hard work. It is very tough to track such frauds as they take all precautions to stay away from being trapped. That is why the user must be smart enough in doing online banking or other transactions so that he will not get fooled by such criminals.

How to stay safe?

  1. To keep your bank account away from hackers, always be cautious. Never share your Card number or Password with any third person. No bank or banker ever asks your card detail. So if you get any such calls asking to share your card details, never respond.
  2. Always use authentic websites for online transactions. Avoid proxy servers.
  3. Change your user ID and password frequently.
  4. Never keep your password with your ATM card and in case you lose your card, contact the respective bank and get it blocked immediately.
  5. Avoid using unknown internet browsing centers for online transactions.
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