Whether in the love game with the partner or the solo sex, the vibrator is considered one of the most popular sex toys ever. Finally, the little miracle staff can contribute to reach the climax faster and more intense and to bring new variety in the love life again and again. The application possibilities are manifold, as well as the choice of different vibrators.

According to statistics, at least one in seven women owns one of the devices, and the trend is rising. And the inhibition threshold to buy a vibrator continues to decline. Apart from the fact that it is no longer a taboo to talk to friends or acquaintances about having fun in bed and happy-to-use sex toys, today everyone can easily buy a vibrator online without first having to go to a sex shop.

Ordering a vibrator is worth it. That is because hardly any other toy manages to bring so many women (and sometimes even men) over and over again reliably to orgasm. Visit and learn more about it.

What’s the point of buying a vibrator?

Example, the vibrator can be used for pleasure during foreplay or stimulation during sex itself. A toy intended for internal use can be inserted either in the vagina or the anus. Many men (heterosexual as well as homosexual) also feel like stimulating their anus with a vibrator. The device can either be inserted instead of the penis in the vagina or the butt. Or during sex, double penetration can be used instead of a second penis, so that both openings are filled at the same time. As a “substitute” for a human penis, the vibrator can also be used optimally for masturbation to provide pleasure hours without a partner.

Many women also find it very exciting when they or their partner with the vibrating toy on her breasts, her buttocks or her whole body strokes.

By the way: There are also vibrators for men

Although there are many differences in the types of vibrators offered, all models usually have some things in common: their shape is usually reminiscent of a penis, and they contain an electronically-powered motor that controls the vibrations (which give the device its name).

  • Buy a vibrator to further their sex life. It offers models that are intended for internal or external use. The toy can, therefore, depend on the model and shape be used for clitoral stimulation or just like a penis – anal or vaginal introduced.
  • But even if women especially order a vibrator, models are now available that have been specially developed for men. Due to their distinctive shape, these are suitable for stimulating the penis.

Who wants to buy a vibrator for external use, puts him mostly on the clitoris. The device, in this case, does not have the classic penis shape but is rather flat, rounded or visually reminiscent of a large stone. However, the range of different models is enormous, so there is something for every taste.

The vibrations stimulate the external use of the clitoris, which in some cases alone is sufficient to reach orgasm. Alternatively, the toy can be placed on the nipples, which can be very exciting. Also on the testicles, the vibration often feels very cold.