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Residents can call on the municipality for rat control. Companies and livestock farms must themselves ensure control by a professional company. Do not fight rats yourself, but have this done by a professional company. If you have seen rats in or around your home, you can report this via the notification form.

The municipality then engages a specialized company to fight the rats. The costs for rat control are therefore for the municipality. The costs for repairing defects are borne by the owner of the property. Complete control of rats is not possible. We try to limit the inconvenience as much as possible. Visit the best website for the same and come up with the perfect results here.

Fight against bees, wasps and bumble bees

If you are inconvenienced by a bee or wasp nest in the public space, you can report this via the notification form. The municipality calls in a specialist company if it considers it necessary to combat or remove these animals. Do you have a nest of bees or wasps on your own property? Then you can engage a local pest control company to combat the nuisance.

Fight against other critters

For nuisance from other critters we refer you to the pest control. You can find more information about preventing and combating bed bugs on the website.

Control of Rats


Which rat can you find in different places and why? The brown rat can be found in various places. For example, they cause nuisance because:

  • There is food in your garden.
  • There are shelters in your garden
  • There is a leak or hole in the sewer system.
  • There is an opening to the crawl space under your home.
  • There is an opening in the cavity. Or there are ventilation holes in the bottom of your home and with windows and doors.

How do you prevent problems with rats and mice?

You can do the following to prevent problems with rats and mice:

  • Do not put an open garbage bag or waste bin in your garden. Rats love this.
  • Put closed garbage bags a maximum of a few days, but not a week outside.
  • Clean up clutter and waste around your house as much as possible. These are hiding places.
  • Store food in cupboards or pots and close it.

Do you have chickens or rabbits? Do not sprinkle the food around in your garden. Do this in a food bowl and in a closed environment. Do not give too much food so there is no food for the rats at night. Keep chicken wire or fence tightly closed for the rats. And close openings larger than 0.5 cm².

Don’t give ducks too much food. If bread is left lying, rats eat it overnight. Leave fishing spots clean. Without food or food remains. Place animal-friendly traps on walking routes, along walls and entrances. Rats are frightened animals. It can take a while before a rat falls into the trap.

Have a leak or hole in the sewer plugged. A rat or mouse can enter the house through the sewer. Clogging or subsidence of the sewer can result. Close holes and cracks in walls, crawl spaces and sewers. And close grilles and vents with very fine wire mesh. This way a rat or mouse cannot enter the house.