Keep Your Account Active and Entertain Your Followers

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When you have an Instagram account then you would be addicted to it. I am sure you would spend most of the time over there and would think about how to impress your followers or else how to gain followers. When nothing works out, people go to the online services where they can buy instagram views . If you have little imagination, you can easily attract your audience and also you can get fame and make your brand or product grow. Many of them are taking this platform only for this purpose. Creativity matters here and also you should not concentrate more on designs, but you should make something different. There should be a reason for people to follow you. When you are using it only for the brand purpose, then you should act very professional.

Be Active:

It would be best if you decided first that for what you are using this Instagram account. The motives differ because some would choose this to develop their business and some to get popularity and some of them would choose this only to expose their photos. Some of them use this only to show their talent, skills and it is absolutely based on your needs and interest. If you have one account for official purposes and also you can keep one for your personal use. Many people make their followers to get entertained. Yes, many of the people use this only to get proper entertainment, and if their time is worth following you or viewing your videos, they would definitely support you and like your pictures.

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You have to keep on interacting with your followers and so they would be pleased. You should poll them by asking something and also you can ask questions to them and so you can able to mingle with them so quickly. When you use polls it gives a lot of fun to you both and also it helps to share much useful information with your audience. You can get this poll by tapping on the sticker option from the menu side. Many of them take this as a better option because you are interacting with the opposite person. Sometimes posting your picture and videos is a little annoying, and many people want to know about your personal things, which would be great for you. And also, you can understand what your audiences are expecting from you.

Be Engaged:

If you want, you can also play with your audience through your Instagram stories. This would be engaging and also gives you lots of fun. You can also make them vote for you on any of the specific questions or problems and so you can be called as Pitchproof. You can also create a kind of musical experience and also it would make your audience a good pleasure. You can post your answers to the questions your audience asked for. Many online services would pave the way for you to interact with your followers. It would help you in reposting your pictures and contents.

You can also use the stickers in which people are very much interested to see. This would make your audiences to be the focus in your page more.

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