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For the manufacture of branded paper bags from Shopper personalizzate it is possible to use various printing technologies. The lowest-cost way is offset printing on coated paper. It is most often used to produce large quantities of packaging products.

The production of exclusive designer paper bags is more expensive. They are ordered in small quantities. To apply the company logo, advertising information or image using the method of screen printing. In the production of packages from synthetic materials or kraft paper, silk screen printing is used.


When the printing and drying of the work-piece is completed, begin the process of lamination. The product is covered with a special protective film that will give strength to the paper bag, protect it from moisture, and provide a special glossy or matte effect.


Depending on the wishes of the customer, in order to highlight individual design elements or emphasize the company logo, foil or blind stamping techniques, relief stamping embossing and UV varnishing can be applied.

Cutting down

When all printing work is completed, the blanks are cut using a special cutting machine in accordance with the selected format, and then scored on a crucible press straight grooves are applied, which are necessary for subsequent folding along the line.

Shopper personalizzate


The final stage of manufacturing branded paper bags consists of the assembly and fastening of the handcuffs. At the request of the customer, it is possible to install the eyelet metal ring and design the handle.

All technical mechanisms for the production of branded paper bags are divided into three categories. The basic equipment necessary for the manufacture of a package blank: paper cutting machines, crucible presses, devices for flashing or gluing multilayer blanks.

Ancillary equipment extends the functionality and effectiveness of basic equipment: perforating devices, machines for cutting cushioning tapes, a mechanism for stirring glue, hydraulic presses, lifting and transport mechanisms for storing finished products, etc. Printing equipment for printing images: machines for offset, screen and flexographic printing, laminators, devices for foil stamping, UV varnishing, etc.

How much are branded paper bags

Factors affecting the cost of manufacturing a circulation of paper company bags:

  • The type of paper affects the price of the finished product, its external and operational characteristics
  • Printing method, image complexity, color gamut and the number of colors used, visual effects
  • Shape and dimensions of the finished paper bag
  • Material for the manufacture of pens (rope, satin ribbon, braid)
  • Additional strengthening of the finished product
  • The number of copies in circulation and the urgency of the order
  • Other individual wishes of the customer.

In recent years, branded paper bags with the company logo have firmly entered our lives, replacing other types of packaging products. The increased demand is explained by low cost, ease of use, multi-functionality, a variety of models and sizes, and absolute safety for the environment.

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