Homes For Sale in Rochester Hills, MI

Flats oriented solely to the north should be avoided. Why? Such apartments lack sunlight and heat, so they are much harder to heat in the winter months. And it loves moisture too. With the Homes For Sale in Rochester Hills, MI the deals are perfect.

Don’t let the squares fool you – functionality is more important

Homes For Sale in Rochester Hills, MI

Each of us secretly hopes to buy as much square footage as possible with as little money as possible. We do not know, size dependency must be related to human nature. However, when viewing the property, do not allow the square meters to mislead you.

What is certainly more important than size is functionality?

Living room design depends on ability to remodel or demolish existing walls, size of hallways, all that matters especially if you plan to change the apartment or premises later. So ask the owner for an original floor plan to see which walls are supported, and if necessary, bring an architect or statistician with you.

If you are buying an apartment in a new building, inquire with the investor about the layout of the premises and the possibility to participate yourself in designing the layout of rooms, bathrooms, etc. It is possible to buy an apartment as a temporary solution. In that case, think in advance if you can sell it someday.

Likewise, the prices of apartments in older buildings are currently very close to the square footage of new buildings especially now, in a time of recession, when new construction prices have fallen dramatically.

For these reasons, consider carefully whether it is worth investing in an apartment that is only a temporary solution. Instead of expensive bathtubs and tiles, you might prefer cheaper remodeling options, such as simple tiling, changing the covers on your room furniture, and the like. It is also valid for apartments in which you reside as tenants.

Insulations are often the biggest trap you can run into

Of course, before you decide to buy, you will need to check the condition of the property because you don’t want a flood in your new apartment or drain clogging.

Not sure if everything is ok, especially when the property looks relatively good, take a look at one of the construction professionals. He will help you “sniff” details about installations and their age, verticals such as chimneys, main valves. They will also look at tiles, parquet floors, toilets, electric and gas water heaters, carpentry. You can also help yourself with an energy certificate. Once you have signed the contract, there is no going back. Good thermal and sound insulation performance is especially important.

Poor joinery of doors and windows, thin walls, faulty air conditioning vents, all of these affect the heat retention in the apartment. If this is not well done, your heating costs will be significantly higher than you would like. It is especially important to pay attention to this if you are buying an older property. Buildings built in the ’60s have thin and bare exterior walls (and often poor exterior joinery) beneath windows that extend the entire length of the room.