House Rendering-Different Looks of Houses

exterior Rendering

Rendering is a great way to decorate our house’s exterior with cement, silicone,lime-like materials. People use exterior rendering for many years. It comes in many colours and designs. Nowadays the house owners choose their design and colour earlier through 3D house rendering. It is like an analytical process, by this we can get exact looks of our house before that work will be done. exterior Rendering is the perfect way to get our exterior to look cool and stylish. it is the best decorative way at an affordable cost. Special effect, different colour and patterns look at our property. Some modern rendering process having insulation method for extra protection. It provides a protective layer to the wall and cracks resistance. There are two major types includes the classified types of rendering processes.

exterior Rendering

Traditional Rendering:

Sand and cement rendering is the most common and traditional type and cheapest process. Cement and sand mixed properly and apply by trowel to the wall properly. Sometimes it is called natural render because of cement drying till it becomes grey colour. We can paint any colour over the layer. Tyrolean or high-build added and applied with this coating gives some extra weather protection and decoration, it is effective and economical and repairs easily. But has to maintain properly and its movement. Then clay rendering is the process used first in rendering, it is the natural material that used to coat. It is very simplest proves because the clay easily attracts with water so we can easily apply this on walls, it is also easily repaired by softening the coat by adding water, but it is not suitable for British weather. It is a very cost-effective and timeless process. But it has poor resistance to erosion and holds water so high maintenance requires.

Then lime rendering, one of the traditional rendering method that is still using today. By using lime is more advantageous than cement rendering. It having resistance to cracking against movement. It gives an attractive traditional finish to the wall. It is the expensive one and taking extra time to apply. It is flexible and breathable and eco friendly. It requires low maintenance.

Modern Rendering:

Special additives like silicon, polymer, acrylic are using in the house rendering for more effective and long life. It gives a more flexible and unique finish with a different colour. They are. Polymer rendering is called coloured polymer rendering the colour is added with polymers while manufacturing. So we can buy the required coloured polymer. The polymer substance added in rendering mixtures that applies on the wall so never need to paint. It is very flexible and breathable. It lasts for 25 to 50 years. It is waterproof and extreme weather resistant. Professional polymer rendering stands against rain, sun, wind, and snow. It resists wear and tear. Then silicone renderings, which is the combination of silicate and silicone resin. Once it applied to a wall it sticks very hard. It is good water repellent. It is breathable and very flexible. It gives natural colours. It requires very little maintenance. But it is expensive and economically high. And acrylic rendering is the type of plastic that added to the render when it is manufacturing. So it comes with a premixed and variety of colours also available.