Electric power industry and electric grid

Electricity Rates

We all know that the present era is happening with electricity. The production of electricity is the most important thing to run the present world. For the generation, transmission and distribution and sales of the electric power industry is the source. In the year 1882, the common electric power distribution is started through the electric lighting. Since the year 1990, to provide the competitive electricity market many of the regions have broken the production and distribution of electric power. So for the best development of power production, the focus should be on Electricity Rates To make the electricity to reach the customers, an electrical grid interlinked with delivering electricity from the generators to the consumers. The electrical grid consists of the production stations and electrical substations for the transmission of electrical energy. From the distant source to demand places, the high voltage line helps to transmit the electricity. To reach the individual customers the distribution line helps to transmit electric power.

Electricity Rates

Generation of electric power industry:

In the year 1881, the first electricity supply was provided in the world. At that time the streets of surrey in the United Kingdom is lighted with the electric light. The source of the electricity is powered from the river Wey that helps to supply electricity for the number of arch lamps around the town. Not only was the street of the town but also the number of shops provided with the supply scheme of electricity providence with 34 swan light bulbs. In December 1881, the new electric bulb was demonstrated by Robert Hammond in the Sussex town located in the United Kingdom for the trial period. Several shop owners wanted to light their shop with the electric light bulbs towards the success of the installation of Robert Hammond‘s invention of electrical bulbs both in commercial and legal footing. After that, he launched the corporation named Hammond electricity supply co. for the lead. Then Edison invented the steam power electricity generating station in London in the year 1882. Thus it was the first steam power electricity generating station in the world. Through the electricity generating station, Edison made three months of agreement with the city corporation for street lighting. With the electric lighting, he had supplied a local number of customers at the proper time. He has supplied electricity with a direct current known as DC.  In New York City, the pearl street power station was generated by Edison in the year 1882, the month of September supplied with the direct current. The production of electricity was very close to the premises of the customers. Any of the electrical systems were chosen with the compromised voltage current. In power transmission, the voltage increased leads to the reduction of the wire thickness. Because of this, direct contact leads to danger. So the wire requires insulation of thickness. It is not possible to work with the higher voltage in some of the load types of electrical use. So Edison’s power system is required within one mile of distance to the customers. If the power generation station is working in the city centers then it is difficult to supply the suburbs with power in the view of the economy.

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