Different Methods of pipe Relining Trending in The Market


The homeowners and the businesses need not be stressed when the drain pipelines or water lines get damaged. There are new technologies available for repairing the pipeline system. Different methods are available for pipeline repairing. The concept of replacing the pipes has been changed and lining the pipe has become popular. This will enable the users to preserve the area around the pipes. Relining will avoid digging of the landscape around the pipe and excavating the trees as well. Relining has different methods and options to choose for the pipeline system.  Depending on the damage the option must be selected. A quick overview of the relining methods can be grabbed through http://www.xtreampipe.se/ “>http://www.xtreampipe.se/.

Methods of pipe relining: Having confusion in selecting the method of relining then get awareness of the methods of pipe relining. Pipe bursting is basically used when the damage is severe and depth. The method involves repairing a large section of the pipeline. Sometimes conditions may demand to replace the entire pipeline system. The task will be performed by the professionals. The professionals have to gain access of the pipeline to dig pits of two square feet at either end. Later hydraulic power is been utilized to drag the head into the pipe.  This will result in breaking the old pieces apart and also will draw the new one in place. The pipes being plastic the users need not worry about root intrusion. Even relining is common it won’t involve intrusion or excavations.

Pipe coating: pipe coating is generally used to coat the leakages in the pipes. Leakages are observed around the soil of the pipe. Pipe coating is used by the installers to repair the damage. The process involves draining the water from the pipes completely and later the professionals spray thick coating of fabricated material inside the walls of the pipes. The method enables to seal all the crack present in the entire pipeline.


Cured in place:  The most common and popular method widely used by many sewer companies for curing the cracks in place in the pipe.  The technique is more famous as it never digs pits. The process is trenchless. The method is simple and done perfectly. Initially, the water in the pipes are completely drained and the lining is applied wherever problems are observed in the pipe. Later in order to repair the damage jets of hot steam is used. The cracks and leaks get moulded in due course of time. Guarantee will be ensured for the lining.

Relining pull in place: Certain conditions will be observed in the pipelines by the homeowners. The gaps and cracks will be large in the pipes. Under such circumstances pull in place come into the picture. This method involves usage of steam into the pipe to fix the material into the pipe. Later the method involves pulling the epoxy saturated lining into the areas where the cracks are observed. The process generally requires two access points. The initial one is to feed the lining into the pipe and the later one to pull the lining through the pipe. The process is followed by sending air into the pipe by the installers. This will help to open the sleeve and until the inner walls of the pipe get dried the process is followed.