Comparison of leasing or buying a van

vw caddy leasing

Are you interested in buying a van but you get some confusion by leasing it?

Here, we are going to discuss the comparison of buying and leasing and this helps you to understand what is best and what you can buy. If at the end you decide to buy you have the best option for both is VW caddy van. The vw caddy leasing  is the best lease option too. Let us get into the comparison of buying and leasing.

Leasing or buying:

You may under the idea of buying a van instead of leasing or leasing the van instead of buying. If you are ready to buy before that think how that amount will go off from you instead of investing in a good plan or life insurance or any other items. Leasing saves your money wonders how?

  • If a van worth about 20 thousand dollars and thus you want to pay the whole amount for the van when you plan to buy.
  • If you take that as a loan then you have to pay back the amount along with the full interest to the rest of the years.
  • And soon after by years like 2 or 3, your van will become old and that van will be your’s forever till you buy the new one.
  • In leasing the same van cost about 20 thousand dollars is the one you choose to take a lease but there you have to pay them around 200 to 300 dollars per month and this makes you get the van very simple.
  • Once the lease period is over you can get some other brand new van as per your choice.
  • Just like the same in buying after 3 years you can buy the new van for lease and enjoy there will be no complications and you can change as per your desire.
  • There will be no interest that will be added to it when you take the lease this makes you save the money and invest that in another way. Leasing is a very simple process and you have to pay a fixed amount from your monthly salary so that helps you to fix that portion and make use of others.

Process of leasing:

The process of leasing takes few steps they are,

Step 1 – choose a van that you want to get the lease

Step 2 – your financial ways and some details that regard either you are eligible for the lease or not.

Step 3 – if the van is in stock you can take whenever you want or you will get the date of delivery on that date your van key will be on your hand.

vw caddy leasing

Step 4 – you can start to use the van and enjoy the drive.

Step 5 – when your lease period gets over you have to return the van to the respected company or person. In that, you have to check whether the van is clean and in good condition. If it is not in good condition at that time you have to pay some extra amount.