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Road pirates are about to escape from the hand of justice and drive the highway like crazy. Become a proud member of the police force and get the enemies okay, no matter what it costs. Basically, you have to finish the wrecker and dispose of his car. How you deal with this situation depends only on your imagination. You can knock your opponent off the cliff, brake him, or let him crash into another car. For this purpose, you have a state-of-the-art vehicle as the congregation has a transport shelf in the garage. You must not have your car destroyed, it would surely please superiors, after all, it is a relatively expensive car. The use of the dota 2 boost is important now.

The Starting of the Game

When you start, you have to stop a certain number of cars during normal road traffic. Avoid contact with other vehicles when performing the task, as other cars could damage or even destroy you. And how do you know that you have a vehicle in front of you? Quite simply, because the game graphically notifies you immediately and depends only on your reaction. When you find and dispose of all the bad guys you want, the game does not end, because there are a lot of bad guys in the world who need to get behind it. So you can look forward to several missions that work on the same principle.

The Finishing

Finish and totally destroy the wanted criminals. On the road, there are sometimes red aid packages that you pick up to repair some of the damage, but you usually meet them once, at most twice, and you must be lucky. Do not risk unnecessarily igniting the car and drive at a safe speed and away from other cars. After the mission, the entire car is always repaired. Depending on the success of the mission, you will receive a score at the end. It should be noted that other cars are really wrong on the road and you can easily crash. In the lower-left corner, you will also find an indicator of how much more is left to catch up with the enemies and how much is left to cover the distance before the first of your opponents appear nearby.

As soon as you set out on the journey, you will immediately hear the familiar police siren that will guide you through the game. Controls are not complicated at all, you just need to use the directional arrows to move and the spacebar for the parking brake. Cars drive along the road as wild and at enormous speeds. The danger of collision lies every kilometer of road, and anyone who loves high speed enjoys this ride. One of the big drawbacks of the game is its scope.

dota 2 boost

Who would expect a lot of missions, he would be wrong, because you will see only three races and the end. Then you can try to play again and improve your score, but a new mission is just a new mission, there’s nothing you can do about it. Graphically, the environment does not look completely bad, but you have to do with several types of cars that run on the highway always in the same colors. You also get your average speed to score with which you drove the highway.

The Last Words

The authors invented an interesting game, but it seems that it could be even better, it would be enough to involve a little more invention. At least if the tasks were more variable, it would definitely be a plus. This is a nice attempt at a racing game with a police car, which will entertain for a short time, but after completion, you will probably not return to it and disappear in the sink of history.

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