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Before answering the question what is a reverse directory already? As its name indicates and as opposed to the traditional directory which makes it possible to find the number of a person starting from his name, the inverse directory is a service that makes it possible to find the identity (Name) and the person’s address from their phone number. This service is widely used and used in many countries since the 90s and even more since the 2000s of which the Anglo-Saxon countries under the name of gray pages. It is as well used by professionals and public administrations as by private individuals. With the Telefonterror you can have the caller ID options.

Indeed it is the police, the emergency services medical aid, firefighters, or the telephone operators, with the difference that the reverse directory which they have listed all the subscribers having a telephone line. Reverse directory services for individuals rely on publicly accessible databases. As a result, certain rules and restrictions have been established to protect the privacy of subscribers and for the sake of confidentiality. Moreover, red-listed subscribers do not appear and it is possible for the subscriber to request the withdrawal of his contact information from a reverse directory service.

Online directory services

The prices of the online directory services vary from one to three, but also from the type of number you want to identify, so you will understand that finding the identity of a fixed number will not cost you the same price. a mobile number, the latter being generally more expensive. Many of these online reverse directory services refer you to a premium rate number before providing you with the identity of the subscriber. This is something to take into account when looking for in order to be sure to choose this one which offers you the most advantageous rate.

We can add to that, that you will not always have a positive response to your research because as we indicated above, all subscribers are not on the public lists, two on the red list among others. It will, therefore, be necessary to compare the prices, to compare the services also by cross-checking the respective results. There are many reverse directory services on the market for both the pros and the private sector, which are free but also pay for the most well-known.

Why this precision?

Well simply because we have seen appear lately many new services for French but published by foreign companies. Although we do not warn against this last company which provided like all the other service, one simply wanted to encourage to you the mistrust and the caution against any potential scam.

What do we recommend then?


Well, you have to be very careful when using this type of service. Your phone bill can go up quite quickly and as we are never careful enough, be careful also to the many scams on which you can fall. As we have said reverse directory services have crossed borders and in the same way that there are some very respectable, there are some who are only to empty your wallet without honoring the requested service.

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