Day: July 13, 2022

Cutdown scooters: what are they? What modifications have been made to the cutdown scooter to make it a new model?

A cutdown is a redone scooter with parts of the bodywork eliminated or removed. Cutdowns were well known among skinheads and scooterboys during the mod restoration of the 1970s and 1980s. While the style-fixated British mod youth subculture of the 1960s valued the charming, metropolitan picture of scooters, numerous skinheads and scooterboys saw their bicycles as basically a type of transportation.

While some scooter rental in honolulu fans have zeroed in on the stripped-down look, with simply an uncovered casing and noticeable motor and mechanical parts, some scooterboys set back nearly as much equipment as they had taken off, by adding redid chromed embellishments and racks.


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Numerous cutdowns have superfluous parts taken out to further develop power-to-weight proportion. Regularly the front curved guards, leg safeguards, floors, back segment, and sideboards are eliminated. Removing body parts is the simplest with Lambretta scooters, since they are based on a rounded edge, …