14 Day Rapid Fat Loss diet plan: What’s so unique about it? Let’s find out

14 Day Rapid Fat Loss

Dear readers, how are you feeling today? The fact that you came to read this article tells us that you probably are not doing very good, correct? Yes, for people like you only, we came up with a brand-new revolutionary 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss diet plan, which not only will help you to be lean and mean, but also you get to enjoy, wait for it, all your favorite carbs! Sounds too good to be true? Seems like just another hype? Well, you’ll never find out until you read this article till the end, so shall we begin?

Carbs are villains, period.

14 Day Rapid Fat Loss

Carbohydrate, or only carb, is unhealthy food or element of food. It is solely or partially responsible for every kind of lifestyle disease, cardiac disorder, blood pressure disorder, obesity, diabetes, etc. It’s just one nasty thing we all want to avoid, but never been able to, because it’s addictive. Yes, it’s already proven by several studies that carbs are probably equally or more addictive than, cigarettes.

Wait, but carbs are food, right?

So, can we safely decide that carbs are the villains we should eliminate from our daily food list? Let’s wait for a moment and let’s see actually what the purpose carbs serve in our body. Carbs are after all staple in many food cultures. Rice, bread, etc. are the main food for millions of people worldwide. Yes, people are addicted to carbs, but again, it’s food. It should do something meaningful in our body, but what’s that?

Muscle building and Carbs! What’s the relation for God’s sake?

“Carbs are essential for muscle building” – have you heard something like that before? I know what you’re saying that “no sir, protein is what important for muscle building, nor carbs.” Yes, that’s true, but partially. Protein is the primary building material of muscle, but the carb is what helps protein in its job. Without carb, you won’t be able to build your muscles. It’s the glycogen, which is the name of a stored state of carbohydrate, in your muscle which serves as fuel when you use that muscle. If there’s no glycogen stored in your muscle, you won’t be able to use that muscle. Let’s explain.


A bit of “science” about the carb’s role in muscle building

Say you’re a runner. Now, can you run endlessly? Everybody has a limit of doing things; similarly, as a runner, you can run up to a certain distance, and then you give up. This limit is different for everybody, somebody gives up after 1 kilometer, and somebody doesn’t give up before 10 kilometers. So, why you give up? Because, at some point in your running, your legs can’t work anymore. Please note, I’m not talking about losing breath. I am talking about the tiredness of muscle. After a certain distance, your legs can’t take it anymore, and that’s the moment you give up. Because, even if your lungs are working fine, your hearts are doing great, but the glycogen stored in your leg muscle – was depleted. And glycogen is the fuel which burns itself to keep your muscle working. Once exhausted, your muscle can’t work, and you feel tired. Then you need rest and carbs to fill up that glycogen again – for the next session of your workout.

In our 14-day rapid fat loss diet plan, we explained exactly that. We explained and showed step by step way of how to lose your belly fats without reducing carb intake. In fact, in this very plan, you still get to it all of your favorite carbs, like pasta, pizza, and bread sandwich – and you still lose weight. What we did with this diet plan is, we described and explained how to eat the carbs so that you can work out harder with more intensity with all the glycogens filled up in your muscle cells.